Radial Accessories

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  2. Flange Mount Adaptors
  3. Direct Box Rackmount Adaptors
  4. Specialty Rackmount & Desktop Adaptors
  5. 500 Series Accessories
  6. Power Management

Remote Footswitches

Radial produces a number of products that may be controlled via remote switches. This includes the Radial JX44 guitar and amp switcher, the SW8 multi-channel backup switcher, Firefly tube direct box and the Relay AB balanced output selector. The following remote switches may be used to remotely control some of the functions. Please consult the using pages on the web site for details.

Radial JR1-L and JR1-M Single Footswitch

The Radial JR1 is a single action footswitch designed to remotely control a function such as selecting A or B outputs. As a passive device, it does not require any power to make it work. Instead, it employs a simple mechanical switch that shorts the positive with the ground using either ¼" or XLR connections. The JR1 is available in a 'L' latching version that requires pushing on and pushing off the footswitch to sort and release the contact, or a 'M' momentary version that shorts the contact when depressed, and releases as soon as the switch is released.

Smart Sheet
Part No. R800 2082 00
Part No. R800 2080 00
JR1-L and the Relay Xo
Radial JR2-DT Dual Remote Desktop Switch
Part No. R800 2091 00

The JR2-DT is a desk-top version of the JR2. It features two top-mounted activator switches to control AB and Mute functions. These functions may change depending on the Radial product being connected. The JR2-DT connects to the device using a choice of XLR or ¼" TRS connection and standard balanced cable. The JR2-DT also derives its power from the Radial device, eliminating the need for local power. It comes with both an isolation Pad for 'free placement' and a Velcro strip to attach to a desk top, work surface or flight case. An optional L bracket enables the JR2-DT to be permanently mounted to a podium, work surface or affixed to a standard 19" rack rail. Download PDF

Radial JR-2 Dual Remote
Part No. R800 2090 00

The Radial JR-2 is an innovative remote control that is equipped with two footswitches - designated as MUTE and AB select. Although designated this way, the actual functionality of the switch depends on the specific Radial product that is connected. The JR-2 connects to the device using a standard balanced audio cable with choice of ¼" TRS or XLR connections. The JR-2 is unique in that it derives its power from the device being controlled which in turn illuminates the on-board LED indicators to show the remote status. Both switches are latching type.

Radial JR-5 Remote
Part No. R800 6600 00

The Radial JR-5 is a multi-switch remote control designed for the Radial JX44 Air Control wireless guitar and stage amp switcher. It features 5 footswitches that can be used to select instruments or amplifiers. Inside is a programmable memory chip (PIC programmable interrupt controller) that may be programmed using banks or used in manual mode. A series of five ¼" momentary contact closures may also be used to translate switch commands from a MIDI controller to remotely control the JR-5 and JX44. For more information visit the Radial JX44 web page

Radial SW2 Slingshot Remote
Part No. R800 7206

The Radial SW2 is a dual function remote that features two footswitches and two switch outputs. This active box can be used to remotely control certain Tonebone pedals like the Headbone using the Slingshot format or various types of guitar amplifier functions using a standard ¼" guitar cable and may be set for either latching or pulse to adapt to both older and current guitar amplifier switching circuits. Both footswitches may be linked so that hitting either will send a on-off command to both outputs simultaneously. For more information, visit the Radial BigShot SW2 webpage

Flange Mount Adaptors

Most regular size J-Class enclosures such as the Radial JDI and J48 along with the smaller ProDI and SGI enclosures may be permanently affixed to a desk top, podium or inside a rack should the need arise using either the J-Clamp or Pro-Clamp. Installation is easy, you merely remove the book-end outer shell and slide the inner frame into the Clamp and affix using the same hex screws. Handy flanges on each side are then used to bolt down the device for security.

Part No. R800 1017
The J-Clamp is used to secure the JDI, J48, TwinIso and most other full-sized Radial products. You merely remove the four outer screws from the DI box, and slide the inner frame into the J-Clamp.
Part No. R800 1090
The P-Clamp is used to secure the ProDI, SGI and other smaller-sized Radial products. You merely remove the four outer screws from the DI box, and slide the inner frame into the P-Clamp.

Direct Box Rackmount Adaptors

Most Radial direct boxes, splitters, isolators and Reampers may be rack-mounted using either the J-Rak 4 or the J-Rak 8. These enable multiple units to be combined and safely stored for touring or used as part of a permanent installation. Mounting the DIs is easy. You simply remove the outer shell and slide the inner frame into one of the racks. Download PDF

J-Rak 4
Part No. R800 1016
J-Rak 8
Part No. R800 1018

Specialty Rackmount & Desktop Adaptors

Several Radial products such as the Firefly, Gold Digger and Cherry Picker may be rack-mounted for use in live touring or to fit in studio racks equipped with standard 19" rail systems. Others, such as the SixPack and Cube, may also be mounted into a desk top to optimize ergonomics and studio efficiency.

SA Series Rack Adaptor
Part No. R800 9422 00

The SA series rack adaptor is a dual function angle bracket that may be used to mount one or two Radial Stand Alone (SA) series devices such as the Gold Digger, Cherry Picker and Phazer along with other Radial products like the Firefly into a standard 19" rack frame. The 1 RU adaptor comes complete with mechanical mounting screws, hex wrench, two angle brackets and a center cube attachment when fitting two devices side by side. Download PDF

Single Unit
Double Unit

Please Note: Firefly Version 1 owners please use this firefly rack adaptor.

Cube Desktop Adaptor

The Cube Desktop Adaptor enables the Cube 500 series Power Rack to be mounted into a desk top. The innovative design enables the Cube to either be flush mounted or angle mounted, depending on preference. One merely cuts a hole in the desk top and then affixes the angle brackets as needed. The angle brackets feature screw-mount slots to adapt to almost any desk thickness. Download PDF

Flush - Mount
Part No. R700 0207 02
Angle - Mount
Part No. R700 0107 03
SixPack Rack & Desktop Adaptor
Part No. R700 9105 00

The SixPack Rack adaptor is triple hit! It may be used to mount the SixPack 500 series power rack into a standard 19" rack or be mounted into a desktop. In this case, a series of mounting holes on the SixPack work in conjunction with the angle brackets to enable both flush and angle mounting options. This optimizes functionality in the studio or enables the SixPack to travel on the road for live touring or provide safe passage when going between studios. Download PDF

Rack Mount
Angle Mount

500 Series Accessories

500 Series Filler Panels

Radial offers two standard size filler panels to fit the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series racks. These keep your rack safe from dust and other contaminants while providing the inside a protective shield from inexperienced hands. Two sizes to choose from.

Solo Single-Wide Panel
Part No. R700 9110 00
Duo Double-Wide Panel
Part No. R700 9111 00
ThumbSet™ Screws
Part No. R700 9100 00

The ThumbSet™ screws feature a perfectly sized thumbscrew head for easy mounting without the need of a screwdriver. However, if ever the ThumbSet™ is over-tightened, a clever slotted head allows a screwdriver to be used to loosen.

Power Management

Radial SB48 Phantom Power Supply
Part No. R800 0148 00

The Radial SB-48 is a high performance phantom power generator that employs a non-radiating charge pump circuit to create a stable, ripple-free 48 volt supply for active direct boxes and condenser microphones. The stereo design features XLR inputs and outputs with a choice of 48V and 12V operation. The SB-48 is powered by a single 15VDC 400 milliamp supply that is included. The connector may be locked into place using a retention clamp. As with all Radial products, the SB-48 is manufactured in Canada from solid steel and powder coated for years of great looks!
Click here to download the manual

Radial SB-48UB 48V Phantom Power Supply with Instrument Output
Part No. R800 0149 00

The Radial SB-48UB is a unique 48V phantom power supply that enables the artist to power a condenser microphone and then send the balanced signal into the unbalanced signal into a stage amplifier or effect pedal like a Radial PZ-DI acoustic preamp.

The challenge when using a condenser microphone with a preamp pedal, direct box or stage amp is that most of these only have unbalanced inputs. And as most phantom power supplies are only equipped with balanced inputs and outputs, making a proper connection is often difficult or impossible due to the impedance and level mismatch.

The SB-48UB is a single channel phantom power generator that converts the power from a 15VDC supply to 48 Volts for use with a condenser microphone or active direct box. Inside, the SB48-UB converts the signal to both a lo-Z balanced XLR output and a hi-Z unbalanced ¼" out. Both outputs may be used concurrently whereby the XLR could feed the PA while the ¼" out could feed a stage amp or pedalboard. Click here to download the manual