Acoustic Guitar Artists

Adrian Bellue

Solo artist

"Whether I’m performing live or recording in the studio, there's no parallel with the consistency and control of the PZ-Pre. I can get the sound I want every time and never sacrifice my tone or dynamics. Everything I need is contained in this preamp, and it's bullet proof to boot."
Al Petteway

Renowned Grammy-winning fingerstyle acoustic guitarist

"I'm blown away. The Radial PZ-Pre is like the holy grail of acoustic guitar preamps. We use them on five very different acoustic instruments and all of them sound completely natural. The PZ-Pre gives us the best amplified sound we've ever gotten."
Andrew Osenga

Steven Curtis Chapman

"The first time a venue provided me with a Radial JDI I noticed an immediate difference in clarity, presence and fullness. I went and bought my own the next day. I often get comments about how good my acoustic guitar sounds live and I know the JDI is a huge part of that. I can't imagine playing without it."
Antoine Dufour

Amazing fingerstyle guitarist - Candyrat Records recording artist

"Radial PZ-Pre is just amazing! It sounds killer and is very convenient and helpful. The EQs are very efficient and musical. This is the very best preamp I found so far!"
Ben Morrison

Guitarist - The Brothers Comotose

"My Radial PZ DI gives me the truest tone for my acoustic guitar of any DI I've ever tried."
Ben O'Neill

Guitarist - John Legend

"The PZ Deluxe by Tonebone facilitates what is easily the most natural, live acoustic sound I've ever had. It's uncommonly elegant design delivers versatility and tone with ease."
Bennett Lewis

Guitarist - Lera Lynn

"The Tonebone PZ-Pre is the first pedal we've found that actually retains and reproduces the tonal qualities of our acoustics. Man oh man do we love these things. They have become an integral part of our sound. Thanks!"
Bob Minner

Acoustic Guitarist for Tim McGraw / Faith Hill

"I added a pair of Radial J48 Stereo DIs to my acoustic pedal board for the tour this year, and I must say they are amazing. Transparent, punchy, and downright musical in processing my signal. My only regret is that I didn’t add them years ago to my rig. Thanks Radial for making such world-class products."
Calum Graham

Solo Artist

"With the Radial PZ Pre, I know that my sound is going to be killer no matter where I play. That peace of mind and confidence in my sound night after night is priceless"
Carl Miner

National Flatpicking Guitar Champion - The Greencards, Pink Martini, Sam Bush, and Taylor Swift

"I've tried virtually every DI out there, but the minute I tried the J48, I knew I was done. There's a clarity in this box that doesn't seem to exist in any others. Thanks, Radial!"
Cody Kilby

Guitarist - Ricky Skaggs Band

"I was blown away when I first used my PZ-Pre. It added so much depth to the tone that I was use to hearing. It not only warmed up the tone but also added a clearer, more defined sound that I had never created. The best DI I have heard."
Colin James

Solo Artist - Juno Award Winner

"Radial has such a great reputation for quality and have become an industry standard for a reason. Great tools and effects to get the job done right."
Dan Weller

Guitarist/Banjo/Mandolin player - Florida Georgia Line

"The Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre has been the foundation of my touring banjo tones with Florida Georgia Line the past few years. This DI/Pre is SO well thought out, aside from its amazing tone shaping abilities, the PZ-Pre is bullet-proof, dead quiet, and extremely versatile. Check it out!!!"
David Morgan / James Taylor

Engineer - James Taylor, Paul Simon, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler

"We are currently using the Radial PZ-Pre with James Taylor's guitars and we are extremely pleased with marriage of the piezo pickups to the PZ Pre. The result is a substantial sonic improvement imparting a rich, natural and open sound. Thanks to Radial for creating this elegant tool."
Don Ross

Two time winner of the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship

"The Radial ProD2 works like a dream! It has been very handy at these unpredictable European gigs with their never-know-what-they've-got PA systems!"
Duke Robillard

Roomful of Blues, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmy Witherspoon, Bob Dylan

"The Radial PZ-Pre is hands down way ahead of its competitors! The tone and versatility is amazing. The boost section is perfect for solos and the parametric midrange helps dial in the best tone possible. It's truly a masterpiece! The most useful tool for amplifying an acoustic instrument I know of. The frustration is over! "
Ewan Dobson

Classical Guitarist

"The Radial PZ-Pre is the glaze on the ham of my sound. Thanks Radial!"
Frank Turner

Solo artist

"My live show is the centre of what I do, and as such I have very high standards for the equipment I use on stage. Radial gear like the JDI is absolutely unbeatable for making the show sound exactly how I need it to."
George Worthmore

Blues solo artist, NY State Hall of Fame inductee

"The PZ Pre by Tonebone is essential to my acoustic guitar sound. I've tried many preamps before, and being such a tone freak, the PZ Pre’s warm, clean sound is what I have been looking for."
Guthrie Trapp

Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Trisha Yearwood, George Jones, Alison Krauss

"I love the Radial J48 and don't leave home without it! I use the hell out of it."

"I rely on my Radial PZ-Pre Acoustic pre amp and J-48 DI for all live performances. They maintain the natural acoustic sound of my guitars and the PZ-Pre gives me plenty of EQ when I need it."
Janet Robin

Solo Artist, Lindsey Buckingham, Air Supply, Meredith Brooks, Michelle Shocked

"The Radial ProDI is a standard that every acoustic player should have... clean and always dependable. I never leave home without it! Thank you Radial for ROCKIN' my touring world!"
Javier Colon

Solo Artist

"Before I got the Radial PZ-Pre, the sound quality of my acoustic guitar would always vary from venue to venue. The PZ-Pre allows me to dial-in my acoustic once, and bring those settings with me wherever I go. No matter where we are, my guitar sounds great. That's why I'll never do a show without it."
Jeff Troxel

National Flatpicking Champion

"The Radial PZ-Pre is in a league of its own. It's the most natural-sounding pre I've found. It's amazing how versatile this unit is. I'm using it for my nylon-string, steel-string flattop, and even my archtop jazz guitar. Thanks Radial - you hit a home run with this one"
Jerry Douglas

Alison Krauss and Union Station

"I am really happy with my J48s. I replaced all my old direct boxes and found the J48s to have more output and less coloration. My music has never sounded so good!"

"The Firefly gives you a choice of warm tones that help the whole recording process. I love the adjustable gain for low level guitars without the noise. Thanks Radial for another piece of great gear!"
Jim Kelly

Australian jazz guitarist, composer and educator - 'The guitarist's guitarist'

"In 2008 I was on the verge of giving up trying to amplify my Australian acoustic made instruments for live gigging. By chance, I read that James Taylor was using a Tonebone PZ-Pre so I figured that this preamp might be the solution to my problems. Boy was I right. This preamp solved every one of the problems for my nylon-string, steel-string and mandocello. I couldn't possibly conceive of doing a gig without it."
Jimmy Messina

Guitarist/songwriter/producer - Loggins & Messina, Poco, Buffalo Springfield

"Radial JDI provides me with the ability to work confidently whether on stage or in the studio. I have never had one fail in the field. Radial Engineering is my first choice when looking to interface my musical instruments and electronic recording gear to one another."

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Joe Nichols

Solo Artist

"After inserting the two guitarists' SGIs, we heard those words all engineers long for: "Hey, that sounds better". These devices are outstanding. I love the fact I can remote a guitar amp 50 meters and not even blink. Thanks!" ~ Chris 'Sully' Sullivan, FOH
John Bohlinger

Session guitarist/multi instrumentalist for many artists including Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Lee Brice, Sheryl Crow; guitarist on the Nashville TV show; MD for 2017 CMA Awards

"As a utility player, the 4-Play by Radial has made my life way easier. This 1 input, 4 separate DI output device now consolidates my mandolin/dobro/acoustic/banjo into one clean, compact, great sounding box. Our FOH guy, my tech and I are much happier. Thanks Radial"
Josh Turner


"My guitar sounds warmer and richer with the Radial J48 than before with the other DI unit"
'Smokin' Joe Robinson

Amazing young guitarist, played with Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Douglas, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley

"It's amazing the difference a DI box makes. The Radial J48 is definitely the BEST sounding DI I have heard - I wouldn't get on stage without mine. These guys are on to something!!!"
John Jorgenson

Multi-platinum selling, Grammy-winning studio and gipsy-jazz guitarist

"The Radial PZ-Pre has obviously been designed with the working acoustic musician in mind. The sound is only rivalled by the user-friendly features. It is a must have for the acoustic musician serious about tone on stage."
Keb' Mo'

Grammy-winning roots and blues singer/songwriter/guitarist

"he Radial PZ-Pre is an absolute life saver for us. I can say in complete honesty that there is no way that we could produce the kind of quality acoustic show that we have been lately without the use of your fine products. It's made life on stage so much simpler."

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Keith Sewell

Ricky Skaggs, Lyle Lovett; Dixie Chicks, Kentucky Thunder; Sam Bush

"As soon as I tried the Radial PZ-Pre, I was amazed at how warm and musical it sounded. It was clean and present, but not bright. I love the EQ, the mute function and the multiple outputs... all from one pedal! The PZ-Pre delivers my guitar sound like a pickup should."
Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

Grammy Award Winner

"When it comes to switchers for Protools playback , bass DIs and acoustic DIs, Radial is always our first choice. No matter where we are in the world, they are a 'must have' on every live concert we do. Radial always give us a pure, warm unforgettable sound. Thank you Radial for making real audio gear that is built to last no matter how far or wherever we travel around the world."
Kerry Marx

Grand Ole Opre

"The PZ Pre is the perfect centerpiece for my acoustic rig. My tuner's always on, reverb is in the fx loop and footswitchable on or off, and I can switch between 2 guitars, each with its own level control. The mute is totally silent; I sometimes tune during accapella sections and if there were any noise it wouldn't be cool. So, full-featured and sounds GREAT!"
Kevin Blake Goodwin

Winner - 2015 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championship

"The Tonebone PZ-Pre has everything I need in one single unit. I knew the moment I saw and heard the PZ-Pre I had to have it. It provides the most natural sound for all my acoustics; it's a musician's dream. On stage I can have another guitar ready to go, without having to switch cables. I really wish I would have found this sooner! This has made all of the difference in my performances. Radial Engineering did an amazing job designing this unique device!"
Laurence Juber

Grammy award winner, Wings lead guitarist

"The Radial PZ-Pre has become my 'go-to' pre-amp for all my acoustic concerts. It's bullet-proof, versatile and dynamic, with an A-list tone."
Marcus Eaton

Solo artist

"Radial products have become an essential part of my live performances. With their DI boxes, my acoustic guitar signal sounds natural and transparent, with no added noise or coloration. I highly recommend them for their flawless sound and durability."
Marty Stuart

Solo artist and country music mainstay

"The Radial PZDI seems at first glance like a very simple DI, but by engaging the low pass/high pass filters and adjusting the 3 position impedance selector I can get a rich tone in a matter of seconds. Getting a great tone shouldn't be complicated if you have great gear and the PZDI is proof of that."

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Mats Hedberg

Solo Artist

"I use the Radial J48 active direct box for acoustic, classical and electric guitars. Tone to the bone, high fidelity with no loss of tone or hiss. It's the perfect tool for the road! Thank you Radial"
Michel Rivard

Iconic Quebec singer-songwriter-performer

"Since I added the PZ-Pre to my stage set-up, there is plenty to celebrate: I am happier, my guitars are happier, the sound engineers and the audience are also happier! It is a simple and efficient device that delivers the goods; better sonic fidelity and a more natural acoustic tone. It truly works well."
Paul Richards

California Guitar Trio

"Over the past many years I have used a variety of DI boxes. The Radial J48 is without a doubt the best, cleanest and most versatile DI I've ever used."
Paula Boggs

Indie Artist - "Seattle-Brewed Soulgrass" Paula Boggs Band

"The Radial StageBug SB-I active DI allows me to gig without using an acoustic guitar amp. The SB-1 saves time, is super easy to use and sounds awesome. Whether at home or on the road the super-compact StageBug is an essential friend."
Phil Keaggy

Acoustic guitar virtuoso

"I thought Radials only worked on my car, but since my sound man hooked them up to my guitar, I like them even better - great clear and pure sound!"
Pierre Bensusan

Guitarist - Dadgad Music

"The PZ-Pre elevates the sound of my guitar to a more powerful sonic level while retaining the acoustic DNA. It sounds warm, full and transparent. Thanks to Radial, I am a happy man."

"When leaving the strictly unplugged world to electrifying my acoustic, there are few, if any, compromises that I am willing to make. My Radial ProD2 is so transparent, it lets me pay attention to the music. Wow!"
Ray Lamontagne

Solo Artist

"The Radial Firefly is the best sounding DI I have ever used. And with such a great color, how can you not love it!"
Roger Hodgson


"Acoustic 12 strings are probably among the most difficult instruments to amplify. Every stage in the chain makes a difference. After a decade long search, I'm convinced I've found the best DIs for the job. The Radial JDIs 'give a little bit' accurately and powerfully."

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Rubens de La Corte

Angelique Kidjos, Eliane Elias; Marlui Miranda

"The PZ-Pre is a constant piece of my acoustic set up. What an amazing preamp! It makes my Nylon and Steel string guitars sound natural, transparent and with a lot of presence. Very simple to use, built for the touring musician, it improves my tone and makes the sound engineers happy. Warm and full sound with a single unit!"
Russ Hewitt

Touring and recording solo artist

"The Radial PZ-Pre allows my guitar to sound like a true nylon string instrument and avoids the dreaded 'plastic' sound."
Ryan Guldemond

Guitarist - Mother Mother

"Radial gear is the best. From the indestructible JDI, killer SGI, and the flexibility of the ToneBone PZ Pre, I rely on these amazing products every show.

Everyone in Mother Mother uses Radial or Tonebone devices. These amazing products help to articulate our individual expression."
Shawn Persinger

Acoustic guitarist

"Even without tweaking the EQ knobs the PZ-PRE immediately made my tone infinitely better. The most natural sounding acoustic guitar tone I've ever been able to obtain with just the right amount of punch without coloration."
Stephen Mougin

Sam Bush Band

"I can't believe what I was missing! With the Radial Duplex my guitar has more clarity, punch, and thickness! Even on flydates, when I can only bring a few pieces of gear, I make sure I have room for my Radial!"
Steve Stevens

Billy Idol, 'Top Gun Anthem', Bozzio Levin Stevens

"As always Radial has done it again. The JDV is a direct box on steroids. Whether I am recording a DI guitar or the high output of an active bass guitar, nothing gets it done as well as my JDV. A totally transparent signal with just the right amount of air... I have grown to trust Radial products like no other company I know"
Steven Bennett

Acoustic musician - 6-string and Harp Guitarist extraordinaire

"I have never had a richer, more present sound onstage than when using the Radial PZ-Pre. My signature 6-string sounded fantastic and my harp guitar was spectacular. I am absolutely delighted with my sound now. Thanks, Radial."
Taylor Goldsmith

Singer, guitarist - Dawes

"We’ve tried countless DIs with my acoustic guitars and nothing compares to the J48 by Radial. Not even the fanciest boutique tube DIs out there."
Tim O'Brien

Acoustic Guitar & Banjo - Mark Knopfler, Alison Krauss, Steve Earl, Garth Brooks, Dwight Yoakam

"I use the PZ-DI for guitar or banjo and while it has no EQ, it's very friendly to those instruments. The guitar pickup is a K and K and it works best using the PZ-DI flat, although sometimes it helps to dial the low end down a bit. For the banjo, I tend to push the high end roll off button, but basically that box is just clean and fat and the sound guys have lots of good round signal to tweak."
Tommy Emmanuel

Grammy-nominated 'Certified Guitar Player'

"I love my Radial J48 direct boxes! They produce a big, fat and clean signal that is so good; they are the ones I use for my live recordings. Thank you Radial!"
Tyler Sellers

FretMonkey Records artist

"So many times I've played a concert and the sound just wasn't there. Once I started using the PZ-Pre, It gave a whole lot more control on how I wanted my sound to be. I love this pre-amp and I'm never going back!"
Zac Brown

Grammy winner - Zac Brown band

"The Radial PZ-Pre is the most natural sounding acoustic preamp we have ever used, not to mention its road-tested durability. Thanks Radial."