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Aden Bubeck

Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, John Fogerty, Kelly Clarkson, Derek Trucks

"The Radial JDI is the most pure, natural and transparent DI I have heard. It is always my go to for TV, and nothing is better!"

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Agustin Barreto

Solo Artist

"It is so simple to switch from bass to bass when I have the Bassbone as part of my rig. The Bassbone is the best on the market."

Al Caldwell

Vanessa Williams, Chuck Rainey

"The Radial Bassbone completes my tone. I use It with my 9 string basses. I even use it on my banjo! It's the missing link!"
Alain Caron

UZEB, Mike Stern, Gino Vanelli, Billy Cobham

"The Radial JDV doesn't change the color of my bass. It retains the instrument's natural character."

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Alex Webster

Cannibal Corpse

"The Bassbone is the ultimate bass control center. It gives me total command over my live setup and has become an essential part of my live rig. And it's extremely roadworthy - built like a tank. Since I bought it, I've used it for every show we've played."

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Andy Cichon

Billy Joel, Shania Twain

"I've been using the Radial Firefly live for a while now but recorded with it yesterday for the first time. Nothing more required. Nuff said..."
Anis Jouini


"Because I like simplicity in my life, I like things to be simple when I play my music! My Bassbone gives me the sound I want without having to connect a lot of pedals! This lets me play on stage or in the studio without ever losing my identity. The Bassbone is my jewel!"
Ben Whiteley

Bass player - Basia Bulat

"The Bassbone OD by Tonebone is actually perfect for upright/electric gigs that I do. I was searching for a solution and it is exactly what I was looking for. Having separate HPF and full EQ is so useful. Thank you Radial for making such a powerful and useful device."
Benny Rietveld

Santana, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker

"I have to say - this is one fabulous little gizmo! I've been using it here in my studio, working on a film score. Nice sound, versatile... I can be "modern" or a little edgy, dirty and even woofy! Unless I want a specific amp sound or some effects, I'm not even using any amp simulators - just straight from the 'bone to ProTools! It's been working great on guitar too, by the way. Well done!"

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Billy Sheehan

Steve Vai, Mr. Big, 5 time Guitar Player magazine 'Best Rock Bass Player'

"My Radial JDV direct box is crystal clear and easily configures to the most elaborate set-ups. I love it and use it every day!"
Bootsy Collins

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic

"I have had a lot of junk in my funk, but the "Firefly" DI by Radial is the real funk. She may not sing like a bumble bee or taste like a cherry pie. But the Firefly's bottom end is the best that money can buy. "

Joe Satriani, Pat Travers, Ric Derringer

"I've tried many distortion pedals on bass and they're either too brittle sounding or sound too much like a fuzz. The Radial PlexiTube solved all those problems and instantly gave me the most authentic amp overdrive I was looking for... Simply awesome!"
Brendan Canning

Broken Social Scene

"For years we have relied on Radial to keep our keyboards & bass guitars sounding the way they should. Radial DIs have never let us down on stage and that's why we would never use anything else."
Brett Simons

Melissa Etheridge, Brian Wilson, Fiona Apple, Liz Phair, Anastacia

"The JDV's combination of solid, transparent sound, flexible in/out "zone" options and military grade build quality is unparalleled. I love, love, love this box! The DI goes to the desk, amp out hits the amp and I run the isolated aux to my pedalboard whose output meets the JDI. Stand back and behold!!!"
Carlos Puerto

Chick Corea, David Sanborn, Chris Botti, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Martin

"The Radial PZ-DI is the perfect complement to my bass. It delivers the absolute cleanest and most accurate sound of my instrument. I finally found the DI that I was looking for. Thank you Radial for making such fantastic products."
Chris Barker

Bassist - Anti-Flag

"The Radial ProRMP delivers the truest sound out of a wireless system we have ever had. The ProRMP allow us to use XLR cables from the wireless receivers right to our amps, keeping the sound from degrading along the way. These boxes have also saved our lives in the studio when we've had to Reamp guitar tones. Now they're saving us on the stage too."
Chuck Rainey

Bassist - Mika, Melissa Etheridge,Beck, Shakira, Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple

"The Bassbone is great and I use it constantly. It lets me EQ the highs for the right slap and rounds out the low end to give me a deep rich tone. With my Bassbone I get the sound I want sent to the PA the way I like it."
Dan Briggs

Bassist - Between the buried and me

"When we travel overseas, I just run my bass through the J48 and it's just as beefy as it sounds coming out of my 8x10 back home... with clear pronounced lows and full bodied highs."
Dan Rothchild

Bassist - Mika, Melissa Etheridge,Beck, Shakira, Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple

"The Radial JDV lifts the veil, and gives you just the wide-open sound of the instrument itself - with focus, clarity, and headroom. In a big PA, the difference is a revelation. In the studio, it is equally stellar. Ever since I plugged in, I haven't used anything else."
Danny Miranda

Queen - Paul Rodgers, Blue Öyster Cult

"This is the missing link in my signal chain! I can now balance the level and tone for both of my vintage P- Basses ! Seamless switching between my '63 and '73 basses. The quality of the DI is amazing! Well done guys!"

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Dave LaRue

Dixie Dregs, Joe Satriani

"The Radial DIs have become a staple in my studio and in my live rig. The units sound great, and I love the versatility they afford me in any situation."
Dennis Crouch

Dianna Krall, T-Bone Burnett

"I love my Radial Firefly tube direct box and the warmth that it provides."
Derek Frank

Shania Twain, Air Supply, Mindi Abair

"I can’t remember ever doing a tour where Radial products weren’t used. With a Twin City and a Stereo JDI on my personal pedalboard, our crew and I are all confident knowing my setup sounds great and is practically bulletproof. Thanks, Radial!"
Dino Ivelja

"I've always hated DIs, but then I tried the Radial JDI, and it changed my mind. If you want your bass to sound like it should sound, Radial is the answer."
Doug Johns

Victor Wooten, Buddy Miles, Chuck Rainey,

"My jaw dropped the first time I plugged in my Radial Engineering JDX, and that's the truth! Now I use it at every live show."
Doug Wimbish

Living Color, Annie Lenox, Mick Jagger, Madonna

"Radial makes the most diverse DIs I have the pleasure of using. Connecting 20th century technology with 21st century reality. My Radial Duplex works great. No issues at all. No buzz or hum anywhere! Gold Star on the forehead Radial!"
Eric Holden

BoDeans, Five For Fighting, Josh Groban, David Foster, Diane Warren, Shakira

"The Bassbone is the perfect solution to doubling on Upright and Electric... an incredible DI that also solves my Level and EQ challenges... all in one box. I love it!"
Fred Mollings

Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, New Edition

"I had the chance to try the top 2 pieces: the SansAmp and the Bassbone. While I don't knock on the SansAmp, I need a flexible unit that allows me to switch instruments quickly in between songs and be small enough to haul to small gigs or TV shows. The Bassbone gets the job done for me."

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Hani Al-Abbadi

Bassist - Bilocate

"Great signal boost, great dynamic range! After using the Radial J48 Active DI Box for recording bass for our next album, the 2 best things I've noticed are its great dynamic range flexibility and its great boost to the signal. An important thing as well is that it does not affect the signal in any unpleasant destructive manner; whether quality deterioration or frequency response. I recommend using this piece of equipment for every musician whether they are professionals or just enjoying home use."
Hugh McDonald

Bassist - Bon Jovi

"How is the Firefly? In 40 years of playing bass, live and in the studio, nothing has been better!"
Hussain Jiffry

Herb Alpert & Lani Hall Quintet, David Foster, Michael McDonald, Chaka Khan, Steve Winwood

"The Bassbone OD by Tonebone is the best A/B pedal available today! I love this pedal! It's so well designed and I appreciate all the thought that went into designing it. Thank you Radial."
Ian Simpson

Tango Boréal, Mary Poppins (Disney Production), OSQ Canadian Symphony

"I have been looking for this DI/ mic preamp/ piezo preamp/ AB device for years. Shopping around, people were telling me it doesn’t really exist. I contacted Radial and their answer was 'We already make the device you need, it's called the JDV Mk5.'"
Jaime David Vazquez

David Bisbal, Gloria Trevi, Rawy, Luis Fonsi, Olga Tañon, Lourdes Robles

"The Bassbone is a great tool for live and studio work. An essential part of my sound. Now I can play freely with my electric and acoustic basses. The Bassbone is the most versatile DI in the market!"
Jason Trotter

Bass player - Vukovi

"The Radial JDX48 helps me unlock my ultimate live tone night after night. It is the most consistent monitoring solution for vintage gear I've heard!"
Jeff Matz

Bassist - High On Fire

"Our Radial gear has proven indispensable both on the road and in the studio. I use the Twin City ABY to deliver flawless sound to my bass rig.

The Phazer is my bass rig's secret weapon, brings my multiple amp signals together into perfect, bone shaking unison ."
Jeff Pilson

Foreigner, Dokken, Dio and MSG

"I just wanted to tell you I got the Radial JD7 Injector last week, have been using it nonstop and think it's absolutely incredible! What a HUGE difference it's making. You guys make gear that is so well made and effective - a pro's dream!"
Jimmy Haslip

John Scofield, Robben Ford, Donald Fagan, Yellowjackets

"Just wanted to let you know that I still love your direct boxes!!!"

"Radial gives you the natural sound you only get with a very high quality box!"

"The Radial ProD2 direct box gives me the super warm tone and clear cut sound quality I strive for in the studio and on stage! Simply stated: they are the best!!"
John Billings

Donna Summer, Rick Springfield, Tanya Tucker, Mickey Dolens, Wynnona Judd

"Switching between my passive and active bass live was a nightmare in level changes for our soundman. The Radial Bassbone does it seamlessly every time, keeping both basses fat in the mix! It's been a godsend for me"
John Patitucci

Grammy award winning Bass player - Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock

"Radial Dis are the most reliable, indestructible, best sounding direct boxes you can get."
Jon Button

Sherly Crow, Michelle Branch, Shakira

"Touring as Sheryl Crow's bass player for her Detours tour, I got quite a few compliments about the bass tone in the front of house. People wanted to know what we were mic'ing or running through. I think they were surprised to find out that I was was going straight into the Radial JDI and that that was the only bass signal used in the house mix. Additionally, the DI performed flawlessly every time, but that's no surprise since they're built like tanks. Thanks Radial!"
Jonathan Noyce

Bassist - Jethro Tull, Gary Moore, Rick Wakeman

"My Radial gear is in use a lot. The JDV and JDI come out on sessions and the Bassbone is a permanent part of my live pedalboard set-up. I'm very happy with all three. They're functional, rugged and sound great. Perfect!"
Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Beck, Ima Robot, Air, Garbage, Tori Amos, Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray

"This is the DI (Radial JDV) I've been looking for - clean, round, pure bass tone, with no fuss whatsoever. Exquisite build quality, yet is highly portable - probably the only high-end DI that will fit into my gig bags. Nice job, Radial!"

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Kenny Davis

George Duke, Barry Manilow, Cyndi Lauper, Jose Feliciano, Herbie Hancock, KD Lang, Reba McEntire, Bob James, Wallace Lyle Lovett, Burt Bacharach, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfier, Jewel.

"I've been using the Radial Bassbone and JDI for some years now.  Whether in the studio or on the road, they are durable, dependable and sound great. Radial is quickly becoming the industry standard. I am proud to be part of the Radial family."
Kevin Smith

Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson

"I love the Bassbone!  It makes switching instruments and having a maximum of tonal control on stage easy. Plus it fits in a gig bag. The DI sounds great as well! Thanks Radial!"
Leland Sklar

Phil Collins, Warren Zevon, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Toto

"I have found the Radial Firefly DI to be a wonderful addition to my studio/touring rig."
Luca Angelici

Miami & the Groovers

"I bought my first Bassbone years ago and I can't do gigs without it.
Radial makes efficient devices, built to last and the Bassbone V2 is a natural choice for my sound."
Marcus Miller

Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Micheal Jackson, Elton John, Wayne Shorter, Luther Vandross, David Sanborn

"When I forgot to bring my Radial JDV to a session, my engineer made me go back home to get it! That's how good it is."
Mark Egan

Pat Metheny, Sting, Bill Evans, Joan Osborne, Marianne Faithful

"When I tried the Radial JDV, my bass sounded better than I had ever heard it sound. It came to life, natural, pure and with plenty of level."
Mark King

Founding member and bassist - Level 42

"Just to say that the Bassbone is fantastic. I really can't remember the last time I plugged in a foot-pedal and immediately thought, 'Well, this one's staying in the set-up...'"

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Melvin Lee Davis

Bass player & musical director – Chaka Khan/Bass player for The Pointer Sisters, Lee Ritenour, Bryan Ferry, Gladys Knight & the Pips

"At the start of our recent European tour, the audio crew went with their DI box on my bass. The DI was producing high frequency hum/noises. So, I asked my tech to take my J48 out of my case and use it! The J48 got rid of the high frequency hum and noise and problem solved. Great DI. Thanks again!"
Michael Jeffers

Joe Nichols

"The Firefly's warmth and ease of use makes it effortless to take from the stage to the studio! Its really a must have for any serious player! I love this DI!"
Mike Devol

Greensky Bluegrass

"The Firefly has been the ANSWER in achieving the upright bass tone I'm after. It's warmth and punch are as evident when I'm playing at my softest as when I'm shaking the roof. I never play a show without it."
Mike Kroeger


"The Bassbone OD is a game changer. Finally there is a bass overdrive that doesn't lose all the low-end when you really drive it! The controls are simple, but super effective. I don't want to give it back. It's just THAT good!"
Natalie Santibañez Pellegrini

Bass Player/Composer with "Mamma Soul", from Chile

"When you go to play, sound conditions are not always the best, but I feel very safe with my Bassbone. I know that my sound will be powerful and clear. In recordings and playing live in my projects like MammaSoul and others, Bassbone is my best friend! It basically makes that sound 'la raja'!!"
Nathan East

Eric Clapton, Fourplay, Toni Braxton, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins

"The Bassbone is just what I have been looking for... I can maintain the integrity of two instruments on stage or in the studio with control over the balance and keep my high standards for my low notes!"
Paul Bushnell Paul's MySpace Page

Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw, Ednaswap, Shakira, Daughtry, Elton John, Phil Collins, Sugarland, LL Cool J, Tracy Chapman, Luciano Pavarotti

"On sessions in the past, when I was asked 'Do you have a DI with you?' my answer used to always be 'Use whatever you've got.' Now, I say 'No thanks' because I use the Radial JDV direct box on everything I do!"
Peter Fredette

Kim Mitchell, Max Webster, Tom Cochrane, Larry Gowan, Pat Travers Band

"For me, Radial direct boxes have always given me crisp, harmonic sounds with rich, even qualities in the bottom end. The JDI is a true workhorse and has earned its place as an industry standard for all of my applications. Rock On Radial!"
Philip Bynoe

Bassist - Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Perry, Terry Bozzio

"While traveling around the world, I can relax about my bass tone with the Firefly plugged in. It consistently gives me great sound at the amp as well as FOH. For bass this is the cleanest and true-ist sound you can get."
Rex Brown

Pantera, Dimebag Darrell, Kill Devil Hill, Crowbar

"In all my years of not liking DIs... well I've found one that knocked my socks off!! The new Bassbone OD is it. Not only is it FAT, but with two channels and the warm tone, plus of course the overdrive I need in the studio & the road – it simply kicks ass!! Do yourself a Favor... I did... Radial!"
Ric Fierabracci

Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Andy Summers

"Yeah man, you are preaching to the choir when it comes to the Radial JDI. I love this thing. I'm in Europe right now touring with Billy Cobham and I always get compliments about my sound from the engineers etc. Thanks again Radial!"

"The X-Amp allows me to relax and dial in the exact sound I need during mixdown, allotting me much more productive time during tracking... it works amazing for keys, bass, guitar, just about anything you can run thru an amp..."
Rhonda Smith

Jeff Beck, Prince, Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Patrice Rushen, Justin Timberlake, Robert Charlebois, Lee Ritenour, Patti Labelle, Erykah Badu, George Clinton

"I'm impressed when using the Radial Bassbone & DI in my bass rig. Not only does it improve my sound, it's essential for me to easily switch between acoustic and electric basses while matching both instrument levels. Thanks, Radial!"

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Ron Carter

Miles Davis Quintet, Tony Williams Lifetime, V.S.O.P., Classical Jazz Quartet, New York Jazz Quartet

"Whether I am playing live or recording in the studio, the Radial PZ-DI makes my bass sound as fresh as a daisy!"
Roscoe Beck

Leonard Cohen, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Jennifer Warnes, Dixie Chicks

"Since I discovered the Radial JDV active direct box, I've used nothing else. My direct bass sound has improved dramatically. Live, I use the Radial Bassbone."
Sean Hurley

John Mayer

"I use the  Radial JDI in the studio and live.  Nothing beats the pure passive tone that allows my bass to sit right in the mix.  All the engineers and producers I work with want to make sure I'm running through 'my Radial'."
Stanley Clarke

Legendary, award winning bass player

"The Radial JDI is the most transparent DI I have heard. It doesn't alter the tone of my bass - and is the best on the market today!"
Steve Bailey

Victor Wooten, Bass Extremes, Willie Nelson, Jethro Tull, The Rippingtons

"The Bassbone is extremely versatile: The two inputs let me drive active and passive basses, theres a simple, effective EQ—it reminds me of my favourite Ampeg SVT amp - and the adjustable boost is great for solos. I can also send the house a different EQ than what I've set up on stage... very handy! My Bassbone lives in my gig bag... it's a very portable 'DI-preamp' I can have faith in."

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Todd Jensen

Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Steve Perry, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers

"I've been a believer in the Radial line for many years. Live or in the studio, Radial DIs always deliver my sound clear and true. My new Firefly has raised the bar once again... there's nothing like it!"
Tom Beaupre

Florida Georgia Line

"Let’s talk about the Firefly. That thing is a mother... If you are using an Avalon, try the Firefly as it’s a little cleaner and smoother than the Avalon. The Firefly sounds good in my in ear mix. I love it."
Tony Levin

Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Mark Knopfler, John Lennon, Paul Simon

"I have found that with the Radial JDI direct box, my bass comes through extremely clean, very quiet, and with a smooth transparent low end. I use my Radial DI for everything."
Victor Brandt Victors Brandt Facebook


"The Bassbone OD is truly an amazing pedal. As I went through all the different features I got so many flashbacks of different situations I have been in that I really could have used or desperately needed the Bassbone OD. Really clever and very thought through pedal! And did I say it sounds Amazing! Radial is not only improving sound you are also simplifying the life of people in the music business. Thank you!"
Victor Wooten

Flecktones, Soul Circus, Bass Extremes, 3-time winner - Bass Player of the Year

"The Bassbone works great in the studio or on the live stage. Throw it in your gig bag and take it wherever you go."

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Vivi Rama - Black Eyed Peas, Il Divo, Dawn Robinson - En Vogue, Macy Gray, Alana Davis, Klymaxx feat. Cheryl Cooley

"The Bassbone is terrific! It lets me use my electriic bass and switch to my keyboard bass quickly and run both through my bass amp. This way, I get both the stage monitors and my amp sound together. The tone is clean and faithful to my bass while introducing natural warmth. This makes it perfect for my live and studio gigs."
Will Lee

Letterman Show band, Billy Joel, Donald Fagan,George Benson, Bob James, Dave Matthews, Spyro Gyra

"Radial has made it simple for us musicians who don't necessarily want to become 'on-the-gig pros'. Whether I'm in the studio or playing live, I'm never without my Bassbone!"

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Wylie Gelber


"All the bass tracks heard on our recent live album came from the JDX. Nothing has sounded better."
Zach Fowler

Digital Underground, Romeo Johnson, The K.N.N., Cassandra Batie, AB, The James Douglas Show, David Wade

"Not only has this thing replaced the Avalon U5 in my live rig, but I actually sold the U5 and I am now using the Bassbone exclusively on stage AND in the studio. In fact, I've been using the Bassbone on every single live gig since I got it and the engineers tell me that the Bassbone is the best bass DI they have ever heard."
Zach Rudulph

Andy Grammer, Colbie Caillat, Gavin DeGraw, Ben Rector

"Radial delivers a solid piece of equipment with the Bassbone. It takes your ability to play and change instruments on the fly to another level and the learning curve takes only a matter of minutes, Thank you Radial."

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