Lionel Ritchie www.lionelrichie.com

Recording Artist

"When my sound engineer changed the front end of my vocal channel to the Radial PowerTube preamp, Q4 EQ and Komit compressor, I stopped mid song and asked why we did not do this sooner? My vocal has never sounded better!"
Stephen Marley www.stephenmarleymusic.com

Award-winning musician

"We use Radial JDIs and ProDIs in the studio as well as for our live shows. We are confident that they always provide us with great results."
Jason Aldean www.jasonaldean.com

Country Recording Artist

"Since using the Radial JX44, JR-5 & the SGI-44 as part of our guitar rigs, we eliminated hums, buzzes and other issues that we encountered on tour. Our Radial gear keeps our shows running smoothly and sounding great."

Solo Artist, Vocalist

"On tour we are constantly looking to find solutions to both simple and complex problems. We solved our problems when we started using the Radial J48 DI and the JX-42 switcher. Radial has the solution to problems we haven't even thought about yet."
Kurt Vile www.kurtvile.com

Solo Artist, Vocalist

"I love my Radial DIs. We use the J48 on acoustic, JDIs on drum machine, bass, Wurli, Farfisa, and Arp Odyssey" They make everything sound RAD!"
Dave Mason www.davemasonmusic.com

Singer, songwriter, guitarist / Dave Mason Band

"I've been using Radial DIs for years on tour for my acoustic guitars as well as in the studio for recording. Thank you Radial, for making reliable high quality products."