Keyboard Artists

Bill Keis

Chaka Khan, The Pointer Sisters, Taylor Dayne, Mark Isham, Chick Corea, Edgar Winter, Jay Leno

"I love my Radial Duplex. It sounds amazing, warm and punchy. No question in my mind: it is the best DI on the planet. I've tried them all and there is no comparison."
Brendan Smith

The Twilight Sad

"Radial DIs have become a staple and integral part of The Twilight Sad's live setup. Through using them for bass, keyboards and drum machines, we have found them to be extremely versatile and hold the natural tone of any instrument they are used with. There is no equivalent!"
Chick Corea

Elektric Band, Miles Davis, Return to Forever

"Radial direct boxes make everything I put through them warm, punchy and clear. They are great DIs!"
Chuck Leavell

The Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, George Harrison, John Hiatt

"Over the past two years, we have been using Radial direct boxes on the Rolling Stones “A Bigger Bang” tour. 148 shows later, they have performed perfectly, without a hitch. They produce a pure, transparent sound with full dynamics and do not color my keyboards. Radial DIs are easy to work with, and unlike some musicians I know... are totally dependable! Bottom line... Radial ROCKS."
Daniel Walker

Ann Wilson of Heart, LeRoy Bell, John Fullbright, K.C. Clifford, Aranda, Ian Moore, Lincoln Barr

"While touring with Ann Wilson of Heart I needed a device that could serve as a rack mounted four-stereo-pair submixer for my keyboard rig. The Space Heater by Radial works wonderfully as a live keyboard submixer, and been flawlessly reliable on the road. The Space Heater can provide a single stereo submix, or two stereo submixes, sending post-fader direct outs to 4 x JDIs in merge mode. The Space Heater has been great!"
David Mathews

Santana, Etta James, Boz Scaggs, Tower Of Power

"I have performed 80 to 100 shows every year with Santana since 2010 and it’s easy to see why the Radial JDI is an industry standard, everyone loves them! The JDI sounds great. It performs flawlessly."
David Rosenthal

Keyboardist and Musical Director for Billy Joel

"I always perform with a real-time backup system for my keyboard rig. If a glitch happens, the SW8 allows me to instantly switch from my A system to my B system with no degradation in the signal path. When combined with the JR2 remote footswitch, I can easily switch systems from the stage and keep on playing!"

Radial's SW8, a matter of trust according to David Rosenthal on Billy Joel tour
Eddy Ruyter

Shawn Mendes, Francesco Yates, Ryland James, Spoons

"I never feel safe running computers in a live show without a backup plan. Having the SW8 by Radial onstage ensures confidence in my playback rig, no matter what the situation."

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Eric Frampton

Tate Stevens, Paul Simon, B52s, Yanni

"I love my Radial DIs! They bring out a sense of sonic clarity in my keyboard sounds that is unparalleled - a level of detail that continues to surprise and impress me. Suffice to say, I don't leave home without 'em."
Eric Fares

Sam Roberts Band, Juno award winner

"Radial DIs are awesome. Clear, warm and honest. Seriously great. Producer Joseph Donovan nailed it when he said using them was like 'takin' the pillows out yer ears', not to mention what Charlie (our sound man extraordinaire) would have to say about it if I ever sent him a lesser signal."
Jeff Lorber

Grammy Nominated

"The Radial Firefly is a very solid, fat, clean sounding direct box. What can you say... it sounds great!"
Joey DeFrancesco

Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, Bobby Hutcherson, Elvin Jones, John McLaughlin

"The Radial JDI is the cleanest, warmest and best (!!) I've found for plugging my organ in direct and is a great companion to mics on the rotary speakers."
Jordan Rudess

Dream Theater, David Bowie, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dixie Dregs, Steven Wilson

"The Key-Largo keyboard mixer by Radial is my new best friend! I plugged in 2 stereo keyboards, my stereo iPad and my Seaboard, a standard MIDI keyboard through the DIN port and all I could do was smile!"
Lee Pardini


"All 8 of my direct outputs run through J48 DIs. They are the perfect compliment to my rig consisting of a mix of vintage and modern keys."
Luca Chiellini

Toronzo Cannon

"For a clean and clear sound, there is just one answer! Radial DIs are the only choice. On the road, in the studio and in every situation my Radial ProD2s provide the best quality of sound for my Hammond and keyboards."
Otmaro Ruiz

John McLaughlin, Frank Gambale, Steve Winwood, Gino Vanelli, Jon Anderson, Dave Weckl, Buny Brunnell, Alain Caron

"Not only do my keyboards sound cleaner and better than ever, but it makes me look super professional when the sound crew prefers to work with my Radial DIs instead of theirs!! IT'S THE TRUTH!!! I love their reaction!!!... LOL"
Mauri Sanchis

Mauri Sanchis Band, Bill Evans, Dean Brown, Joey DeFrancesco, Popa Chubby, Frank Marino, Vargas Blues Band

"I am a proud owner of a Radial J+4 and whether I am playing live or am in the studio it enhances the sound of my vintage keyboards with a clean, warm and punchy sound. Ground Loops? Nope... I've got my Radial and I love it!"
Michael Davis

Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Steve Wariner, Ricky Van Shelto

"Radial DIs are built like a tank. They sound good, are amazingly transparent, can handle anything we throw at them and they work every single night. What else can you say?"
Nigel Hopkins

Chris de Burgh, Jon Lord, Elvis Costello, Official Moog Programmer

"Why spend so much money on equipment and then put it through second rate, inferior DI boxes? My JDI Duplex helps me get the best sound quality and punch that I can get out of my keyboards. My Moogs have never sounded so big. I will never use any another DI after using Radial. It is now part of my set up. All I can say is if you don't use Radial DIs, then you aren't getting the best out of your equipment."
Ric'Key Pageot

Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Musical Director - Cirque du Soleil

"I'm really happy with my Radial Duplex DI. In the past I always found it hard to get a good warm piano sound in without being abrasive but since I've been using the Duplex, I'm not afraid to push anymore when playing a piano patch. I also love the fact that I can use the RCA as a thru to go to my personal keyboard monitor. Smart!"

Kaiser Chiefs

"Ever since we started using the Radial ProD8 in my live rig, our sound has been noticeably purer and more consistent. A solid and very versatile bit of kit that has served us well the world over. Long may that continue."
Phil Aaberg

Elvin Bishop, Peter Gabriel, John Hiatt, Tom Johnston, Roy Rogers, Windham Hill and Sweetgrass Music recording artist, Grammy and Emmy nominee

"We use the Radial JDI Duplex with all my keyboards. The sound from Radial is pure and punchy, the way we like it!"
Pontus Winnberg

Miike Snow Band

"It's a pleasant surprise that Radial is so creative for a company that makes a product so deceptively simple as a DI. The possibilities that open up when using Radial products both live and in the studio are endless."
Reggie Green

Keyboard Player/ Playback Engineer - Brian Mcknight, Beyonce and Destiny's Child, Neyo, Miley Cyrus, American Idol

"Been in the business for over twenty years. From singing & playing keys to being a playback engineer, Radial products like the SW8 are solid just like their customer service. They are the best solution for an array of areas."
Rob Burger

Film Composer, Arranger, Session Musician

"Radial DI boxes are built like no other. They are tried, true and solid. I use their Reamp to run outside of the box when using samples and virtual instruments on sessions and film scores I'm composing. It's one of the most indispensable tools I use in the studio. Well done once again Radial!"
Steve Bays

Hot Hot Heat

"I spent a good two years experimenting with every kind of overdrive and distortion I could get my hands on and the Texas was one of my favourites for re-amping keys, bass and guitar. When playing live, it delivers great warm, natural overdrive for guitar and keys."
Terry Lawless

Keyboardist & programmer - U2

"Once you hear the difference between a Radial DI and the others you'll never go back. They deliver a clean keyboard signal with a completely transparent sound quality. And they are absolutely rugged! After over 300 U2 shows around the world they have worked flawlessly. My Radial DI is a permanent fixture in my setup."
Tom Coster Tom Coster Wiki

Santana, Billy Cobham, Randy Jackson, Joe Satriani and Larry Coryell

"The Radial Duplex is musical and transparent and is with me everywhere that I go. Thanks Radial for a superior product."