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BigShot SW2™ FAQ

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Can the SW2 remote control all amplifiers and effects devices?

This is impossible to say. There are simply too many devices made to tell. If the device in question uses a typical 1/4" jack type footswitch, then it will likely work. The SW2 is equipped with the features you need to make most amps work.

Why is the SW2 so expensive?

The SW2 is expensive because it is not a simple footswitch. A host of electronic circuitry and components such as relays are required to generate the pulses and universal functionality that allow the SW2 to work with most gear.

Is there any advantage to using the SW2 instead of my amp footswitch?

There is no difference on the switching. The SW2 is likely smaller and when controlling two different amps, you can eliminate a footswitch from you pedalboard where space is always at a premium!

Can I use the SW2 to remotely control an effects device to turn it on and off?

Yes – so long as there is some type of remote on-off switch on your effects processor. Most recording devices are equipped with a typical ¼" jack and footswitch to do this.

Can I use the SW2 to remotely control a punch in function on a recorder?

Yes - Most personal recorders are outfitted with a ¼" jack with a latching function to do this.

Can I use the SW2 as a sustain pedal?

You could in a pinch, but it is not ideal. Sustain pedals are relatively inexpensive and would likely do a much better job.

Can I use the SW2 as a remote mute for tuning if my tuner is set up this way?

Maybe... so long as there is some type of remote on-off switch built into your tuner.

My amp has a multi-function footswitch. How do I connect the SW2?

For amps that have multi-function footswitches, a number of contacts are often used to control various parameters. You will need to contact a technician that can build a custom cable for you to get the SW2 to switch one or two functions.

Can I use a power brick to supply the SW2?

Yes. A typical Boss-style 9V power brick will work great!

What is the Radial Slingshot thing all about?

Slingshot is a basic remote function that is built into some Radial pedals. It enables the user to use a remote footswitch like the SW2 to perform functions. For instance, the Headbone needs 5 cables to go between the guitar, two heads and cabinet. Remotely controlling it eliminates having to bring all of these cables out to the pedalboard.

Does the SW2 come with a power supply?

No. This is sold separately. Any standard 9V Boss style power supply will work.

Can I control the Radial SW8 backing track switcher using the SW2?

Yes. Simply set it in latch mode and it will work.

Can I use the Sw2 like an ABY amp selector?

No. The SW2 is a remote control - footswitch. It does not process audio and therefore cannot be used like a traditional ABY box. You could however use the SW2 with a Cabbone to switch cabinets or with a Headbone to switch heads.