BT-Pro™ Development

The world is going wireless! Marconi started this craze 125 years ago with the first Morse-code transmission. This was later followed with the 'wireless telephone' in 1910 and as they say… the rest is history. Today, Bluetooth® enabled devices are everywhere. So it only makes sense that Radial be the company to bring this wireless interface to the world of professional audio.

Although there have been wireless Bluetooth products around for some time now, when we asked around, we quickly discovered that there were a number of problems that made these impractical for live touring. So we went about doing what we always do: we looked at each problem and found a solution.

Limited Reception

Most Bluetooth devices stop working as you go beyond 5 meters (15 feet). This is not usually a problem with the transmitter; it is a combination of the receiver antenna and the transceiver's ability to pair up properly. To solve the problem, we came up with an innovative T-shaped access cavity behind which we could position a more effective copper antenna. The results were astonishing: the BT-Pro attained distances of 20 meters (60') in an open space under ideal conditions.

Concerns with audio quality

The audio quality of any wireless system is limited to the data rate and compression scheme. With the BT-Pro, we took the initiative to employ the latest Bluetooth wireless A2DP interface over 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) to optimize performance. The actual playback rate is determined by the source material that is being transmitted. In the end, you get the very best quality available today.

Buzz and hum problems

When interfacing consumer devices with professional gear, noise always seems to creep into the system at the most inopportune time. Most noise problems are caused by so-called ground loops and are best addressed by inserting isolation transformers into the audio path. The BT-Pro takes the same approach as the Radial USB-Pro with two miniature side-access switches that activate the transformers. This is supplemented with a ground lift switch that lifts both the XLR pin-1 grounds at the output.

Security from hijacking!

When sending a wireless system to a PA system, concerns about signal integrity and safety from rogue transmissions must be addressed. To ensure the desired signal does not get hijacked, the BT-Pro requires a password to enable pairing. You merely key in the initial pass code to establish the pairing upon connection and voila! You are set to go.

Power supply concerns

No one likes external power supplies, but they are a reality due to international travel. So instead of using a typical wall-wart, the BT-Pro is outfitted with a standard USB Mini-B connector for direct interface with a laptop or USB hub. It also comes with a standard USB type power supply that can be used to power the BT-Pro or your cell phone. This makes it easy, convenient and practical.

Durability for road use

People buy Radial products for three reasons: quality sound, intelligent design and durability on the road. The BT-Pro employs the same 14-gauge steel, I-beam internal construction as our other DI boxes along with a 'trademark' book-end design that protects the knobs, switches and connectors from harm's way. The no-slip pad further protects by ensuring it stays put on a busy stage. With less than 1/1000 repair rate, you can trust Radial to perform for years!