Electronics Senior Engineer

Radial Engineering Ltd. is looking for a qualified Electronics Engineer to help bring products from concept to market. The successful candidate will have a degree in Electronics and a passion for audio. They will work with a team of multitalented music professionals and will be part of bringing world class products to the Music Industry.

Based in Port Coquitlam on the outskirts of beautiful Vancouver, BC, Radial Engineering designs, develops, and manufactures innovative professional audio equipment and acoustical treatment products. Used by some of the biggest artists and bands in the world, we are constantly striving to create the highest quality products and address the needs of our clients in the demanding and constantly evolving global touring and recording markets. In business since 1992, Radial Engineering is enjoying healthy growth year after year. Join us on our quest to deliver the most technologically advanced and durable professional audio equipment to the Music Industry.

Specific Duties

  • Design low noise analog audio pre-amplifier, filter and switching circuits
  • Design ultra linear power amplifiers for professional and audiophile applications
  • Design Digital Audio systems and Integrate wireless technologies
  • Source and evaluate components and technology suitable for the products
  • Design schematic diagrams and layout printed circuit board assemblies
  • Writing or flow charting of control software for embedded systems
  • Develop and construct test jigs for product testing
  • Construct prototypes, evaluate and document test results
  • Create production Documentation
  • Conduct pre-testing for regulatory testing
  • Support Legacy products

Skills Required

  • Ability to conduct precision audio measurements using instruments such as meters, oscilloscopes, Audio Precision equipment, etc.
  • Good working knowledge of analog design with op-amps, discrete BJTs, FETs and vacuum tubes.
  • Familiarity with Wireless Technologies.
  • Familiarity with Digital audio technologies including A/D and D/A audio circuits.
  • Schematic capture and PCB layout using tools such as Mentor Graphics PADS.
  • Mechanical design with tools such as Solidworks would be an asset.
  • Must have a proven track record with related work in the pro-audio, music, sound or hi-fi industry.
  • Ability to fabricate prototypes.
  • Ability with hand and small power tools including soldering equipment.
  • Ability to play a musical instrument an asse.t
  • Excellent oral and written English skills.

Company Background

Beginning in 1992 with a focus on audio cables, Radial Engineering has evolved into a company that offers solutions to the live pro-audio and recording markets. In 1996 Radial branched out of cables and emerged with the still-popular DI Box, the Radial JDI. Since then it has gone on to offer a multitude of passive and active DI boxes, splitters, switchers, and isolators. Radial is now also the parent company of Tonebone offering musician-based products, Primacoustic offering acoustic products for recording, broadcast and installation, Jensen Transformers and iconic HiFi brand Hafler. Radial proudly designs and manufacturers its products on home soil and with over 75 employees is looking to expand it's staff base.

Send resume to employment@radialeng.com