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Radial ChainDrive™ 1x4 Distribution Amplifier

Part no. R700 0172

  • 1 x 4 line level distribution amplifier
  • Balanced and unbalanced operation
  • Compatible with all 500 series racks
  • Also buffers unbalanced stereo signals

The ChainDrive is an innovative 1x4 'distro' module designed to fit inside the popular 500 series rack format. Once connected, it enables the engineer to send an audio signal to various processers, effects or remote audio systems simultaneously as a means to create innovative signal paths.

The design is simple and easy to use. One connects to the module via the power rack's rear panel XLR input which then feeds the four corresponding ¼" TRS outputs on the front panel. The unique circuit design enables both balanced and unbalanced signals to be used while also accommodating unbalanced stereo sources. Those with a Radial Workhorse may connect to the ChainDrive via the XLR, ¼" TRS input or D-Sub. Designated as an unbalanced input, the ChainDrive's Omniport input automatically converts the unbalanced signal to a balanced line so that it can then feed other 500 series modules.

Applications include sending a pre-recorded track to multiple dynamic processors to create multi-band compression, feeding a variety of effects processors simultaneously and splitting the signal to feed various guitar amps and pedals. Each TRS signal path may also be used to distribute a stereo signal such as a CD or iPod and feed it to four stereo destinations.

The ChainDrive is a unique tool designed for creative engineers who are looking to expand the sonic landscape by adding more routing flexibility than ever before!


4x1 Line Mixer


8-Channel Tube Drive (Coming Soon)

X-AMP 500


ChainDrive™ - Applications
Multiband compression

With a ChainDrive you can split the signal to feed multiple dynamic processors for multi-band compression and have different frequencies cause compression to occur depending on the program material.

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Feeding multiple effects

Add character spice and effects to any track by sending it into the ChainDrive and then have it feed various effects processors simultaneously. Use Shuttle modules and the Workhorse for return paths and mix each stem as needed.

Feeding amps and pedals

Use the ChainDrive as a guitar distro to feed various guitar amps and effects simultaneously. Add mics and then mix to create the tastiest audio soup ever!