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  • "The Cherry Picker creates a fantastic improvement in studio workflow. Finding the right microphone and pre-amp combination is pivotal in determining how a given source will fit in a track. The Cherry Picker makes the process seamless."

    Jack Douglas - Engineer
    Jack Douglas
  • "Finally a product that allows you to use a Mic and quickly A/B different mic pre's without the need of pausing to cut, repatch, listen and repeat. A must-have for recording guitars and vocals."

    George Seara - Engineer
    (Rihanna, Drake, Holly Cole, Sting, and Herbie Hancock. 2012 Juno Award for Recording Engineer of the Year)
    George Seara
  • "The Radial Cherry Picker has become critical to finding the right sound for the artist. It lets me quickly and seamlessly choose between several vocal chain processing paths. The Cherry Picker is the best tool for this."

    Dave Bottrill - Engineer
    (Peter Gabriel, Tool, Silverchair)
    Dave Bottrill
  • "The Gold Digger and Cherry Picker are 'real' toys for the studio. They let you try out every combination of microphone and preamp chain before settling on the one that best suits a particular vocal or instrument. No more having to plug and unplug your whole rig. Saves time, and really fun."

    Sebastien Lefebvre
    (Simple Plan)
  • "The Cherry Picker by Radial is a great tool for selecting the right preamp for a particular recording without adding color to the signal. Typically I'd have to jump cables in the patch bay or ask someone to do it while I listen. This unit allows me to make quicker choices with zero hassle."

    Greg Wurth
    (Steve Vai)
    Greg Wurth

Radial Cherry Picker Studio Preamp Selector

Part No. R800 1442

  • Select the best mic & preamp combination
  • Passive 'straight wire' color-free signal path
  • Built-in 48V phantom power for condenser mics
  • Improve the workflow efficiency in your studio

The Radial Cherry Picker is a unique tool designed to improve efficiency and workflow in the studio by simplifying the process of matching the best preamp with a microphone for a given track. This is most often done when recording vocals. This improves the sonic character of the track and provides the vocalist with a more comfortable sound, which in turn allows for a better performance.

Four front panel 'radio style' selector switches select the active preamp while automatically disconnecting the mic from the others. Completely passive and 100% discrete, the Cherry Picker features a 'straight wire' signal path. There is no active circuitry whatsoever in between the mic signal and the preamp. The audio signal switching is performed by a series of military-grade gold contact sealed relays for zero coloration and distortion to ensure a fair and honest comparison between preamps.

The rear panel is equipped with a balanced XLR input for the microphone and four balanced XLR outputs to feed the various preamps. When using a studio condenser, the Cherry Picker internally generates 48V phantom power so that switching between preamps will not disrupt the phantom power going to the microphone. This could otherwise cause severe popping in the audio system and headphones. Separate ground lift switches for each output help reduce noise by eliminating ground loops plus a handy mute switch turns all outputs off, enabling the engineer to leave the preamp settings untouched when testing out other mics.

The Cherry Picker... a tool designed to improve performance, sound and workflow at the same time.


Mic Selector


Tube Preamplifier


SA Series Rack Adaptor

Cherry Picker™ - Applications
Comparing preamps using one mic

Connect your favorite microphone and compare how it sounds using several preamps to find the best match to suit the vocalist. The Cherry Picker makes it easy and fast.

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Comparing compressors when recording bass

Optimize the sound of the bass by comparing compressors. Connect the bass to the JDV-pre instrument preamp and use the Cherry Picker to listen to various compressors.

Using the Cherry Picker to switch outputs

The 'straight wire' balanced signal path may be used for more than just microphones! You can use the Cherry Picker as a 1x4 switcher for line level devices of all types.