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Does the DAN-RX have any analog inputs?

No, the DAN-RX is only equipped with a Dante™ network input.

Will the DAN-RX work with Power over Ethernet (PoE), or do I need to connect an external power supply?

The DAN-RX will operate with Power over Ethernet. An external power adapter is included for use with networks that do not provide PoE.

Do I need to configure anything on the DAN-RX when connecting to a network?

No, the DAN-RX is plug-and-play. As soon as it is connected to the Dante network it will appear as a 2-channel output device.

Do I need to use special Ethernet switches to connect my Dante network?

No, Dante will work with any switch. Please refer to the Audinate® Dante™ website for more information.

Is the 3.5 output in the DiNET DAN-RX good and powerful enough to work as standalone IEM amplifier?

Yes. We tested this last week and it works great!

Do I need to send the analog output to an headphone amplifier?

You can if you wish, but the headphone out is quite powerful.

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