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Radial DINET DAN-TX Passive Direct Box

DiNET™ DAN-TX™ 2-Channel Dante Audio Transmitter

Part No. R800 1062 00

  • The first Dante™ enabled direct box
  • ¼", RCA and 3.5mm input jacks
  • Connect instruments or line level sources
  • 24bit/96kHz analog to digital conversion

The Radial DAN-TX™ is a stereo direct box designed to connect instruments, laptops, tablets, or any line level source to a Dante™ Network. Developed by Audinate®, Dante has become the standard for digital audio distribution in professional audio. Using standard Ethernet networks, any connected Dante device can communicate and route audio between each other with very little latency. The DAN-TX provides a simple way to put almost any analog audio source onto the Dante network without the need for a large interface or mixer.

The DAN-TX is equipped with ¼", RCA and 3.5mm inputs. When connecting a single-channel instrument such as a bass or acoustic guitar, an Instrument switch converts one of the ¼" jacks to a "Thru". This allows the player to connect to their amp for local monitoring like a typical DI box. With stereo sources, the selection of inputs provide an easy way to connect any device, whether it be a stereo keyboard or a tablet. The ¼" inputs will accept both balanced (TRS) for professional equipment, and unbalanced (TS) connectors for instruments or consumer gear. Levels can be controlled locally via an input trim pot that offers +/-10dB of control, with an additional -18dB pad that can be utilized when required. The DAN-TX can accept input levels up to +24dBU, and a high pass filter may be enabled to reduce unwanted low frequencies at the source.

The DAN-TX features 24bit/96kHz analog to digital converters for exceptional audio quality. Connecting to the Dante network is easy – simply connect its Ethernet jack to any networked audio system using standard Cat5e or Cat6 cable. The DAN-TX will accept Power over Ethernet (PoE), but a power adapter is included for use when PoE is not available. Once connected, the DAN-TX will appear as a 2-channel transmit device in the Dante Controller software and on other enabled devices on the network. Whether on stage, multi-room recording, or in broadcast, the DAN-TX is the easiest way to get your analog audio onto a Dante network.

Audinate® is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.
Dante™ is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.

2-Channel Dante Audio Receiver


Stereo USB Laptop DI


Computer Direct Box

DiNET™ Dan-TX™ - Applications
Using the DAN-RX to connect a small PA system
Using the DAN-TX for mono instruments
Switching to instrument mode changes the Right ¼" connector to a Thru-put for connection to a local amplifier. Now your instrument can be routed anywhere on Dante network while still allowing for local monitoring through the stage amplifier.

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Using the DAN-RX for press distribution
Using the DAN-TX for stereo instruments or multi-media
Plug in your stereo keyboards, synths, laptops, tablets or any other unbalanced consumer device and route through the Dante network without installing special software. Simply connect to the ¼", RCA or 3.5mm inputs.
Using the DAN-RX for personal monitoring
Using the DAN-TX for balanced professional audio
The ¼" inputs on the DAN-TX are balanced TRS jacks that allow for signal levels up to +24dBu. Any balanced analog mixer, recorder or playback source can be quickly connected to a Dante network.