Exo-Pod Development

The Exo-Pod was originally developed as an expansion module for the Radial mPress, a modular press box with virtually unlimited distribution capabilities. When introduced at a trade show, we were asked if the Exo-Pod could be used on its own for simple applications where only a dozen or so press feeds would be required. As soon as we returned we tested it using the output from a typical mixing desk and discovered it works great!

The sum of the parts

Although press boxes have been around for eons, the Exo-Pod is unique. It is not one simple feature that makes it special, but an amalgam of everything that has been brought together into that, that truly that sets it apart.

  • Compact and rugged construction
    When working in the world of professional audio, heavy duty construction is not merely a want, but an absolute need. Gear gets tossed around, dropped, banged around in truck cases for days and then expected to work. Screw on or glue on feet fall off and knobs, switches and connectors get damaged. The Exo-Pod is made from 14-guage steel, has rugged handles and protective bumpers and the feet can be replaced if ever they are torn off.
  • Plug & Play easy to use
    The fast paced world of pro touring requires easy, straight ahead connectivity. The XLR input and thru connectors are at one end, separating them from the outputs. A local level control means that instead of having to run back to the console to set levels, it can be done right then and there when testing during setup. All of the important connectivity legends are on top, and clearly visible after all of the cables are connected. This makes it easy to trouble shoot in the heat of the action.
  • Noise free performance
    The heavy steel shell does more than protect the sensitive inner workings, it also helps prevent external magnetic fields caused by power cables, lighting dimmers and transformers from affecting the audio signal path as it travels through the magnetically charged isolation transformers. The transformers not only provide isolation to abate the hum and buzz caused by ground loops, they also block stray DC currents which can cause pollution. This is augmented with individual ground lift switches on each of the balanced outputs to further prevent noise. With a noise floor that is below -110dB and better than 60dB of common mode noise rejection, noise will not be a problem.
  • Great sound
    As a passive device, the Eclipse transformers play a critical role in delivering the sonic performance. The Exo-Pod is ruler flat from 20Hz to 20kHz and exhibits less than 0.001% distortion at 1kHz. And with the ability to handle broadcast outputs of up to +24dB, you will enjoy plenty of headroom to handle just about any application.
  • Expandability
    Finally, the Exo-Pod is equipped with a thru output that enables them to be daisy-chained in series. When used with the line output from a typical mixer, you can usually run two units together. When using the mPress, as many as six can be connected in tandem. This not only expands the outputs, but enables the audio technician to create zones to better manage the press gallery.