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  • "I much prefer the sound of some guitar effects boxes to rack gear and the Radial EXTC is a perfect interface to my world of pedals. It's easy to set up, blend in and inject some "real" tone into a mix."

    Joe Barresi
    (Soundgarden, Bad Religion, Queens of the Stone Age)
    Joe Barresi
  • "I use my 3 EXTC's on every recording and mix I do. They are absolutely positively perfect for interfacing low level gear such as pedals, or in my case Tape Echos into my console. Been wanting someone to do this in a 500 space for years. It's just a great tool!"

    Vance Powell
    (White Stripes, Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Buddy Guy)
    Vance Powell
  • "I had been running tracks out of Pro Tools and processing them through stomp-boxes. The results were hit and miss but I loved the tweaking factor of it. With the EXTC-500 my pedals are now all in play!"

    Steve Mazur
    (Our Lady Peace)
    Steve Mazur

Radial EXTC™ Guitar Effects Interface

Part No. R700 0132

  • Balanced interface for guitar effects pedals
  • Separate send & receive controls optimize signal path
  • Transformer isolated send eliminates ground loops
  • Creative tool helps your mix stand out from the rest

The Radial EXTC™ is a 500 series module that lets you incorporate guitar effects into the realm of pro-audio recording. Just imagine… add a touch of grit to a vocal track, some wah on a kick drum, maybe flange a violin…The EXTC is a creative tool made for your esoteric-inventive side, ready to unleash fresh new sounds that will make your recordings stand out from the crowd.

And it's super easy to use: connect a line level signal from the recording system. The EXTC unbalances the signal and converts it to high impedance where guitar pedals can be inserted at will. Front mounted ¼" send & receive connectors provide easy access. Turn track on, set levels, adjust the blend for just the right amount of magic. Be prepared for instant amazement. Legalized ecstasy.

Features include Radial's award winning 100% discrete class-A guitar buffering for ultimate audio integrity, transformer isolation to eliminate buzz and hum caused by ground loops, 180º polarity reverse to keep effects and balanced signals in phase, plus a separate patch bay insert point to add studio effects into the fun.

The Radial EXTC is without a doubt one of the most innovative effect manipulating devices ever made. And it opens the door to new sounds by taking Reamping™ technology to an all new level.

Be prepared for wild & wonderful!


Reactor Speaker Simulator

X-AMP 500



Tube Distortion Pedal

X-Amp 500™ - Applications
Reamping™ through Pedals

Take a dry track, send it to the EXTC which in turn feeds your pedals. This is the perfect way to add some extra zest to a vocal track; an envelope follower to a kick; or some wah to that Hammond.

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Adding Growl to a Vocal

Plug your mic into the PowerPre and send the signal into the EXTC. From there, you add an effect like a Tonebone Trimode using the blend control to mix in just the right amount of distortion.

Recording Direct

Plug your guitar or bass into the JDVPre and have it feed the EXTC where you can send the signal through your pedals. Then bring the signal back through the JDX to emulate a speaker cabinet.