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  • "I love the Gold Digger! There is no need for re-patching or phantom power management when auditioning microphones. We can now change mic s as fast as the artist can step up to the mic, all while retaining the same processing chain!"

    Jack Douglas - Engineer
    Jack Douglas
  • "I used the Gold Digger to switch between 4 wireless vocal channels for Serj Tankian. The switching was easy, silent and quick. Great little device!"

    Pasi Hara
    Monitor Engineer - System of a Down
    Pasi Hara
  • "Gold Digger is a must-have when I'm shooting out vocal mics. Not only does it allow quick and seamless level-matched A/Bing, but it's entirely invisible and does not alter the sound in any way."

    George Seara - Engineer
    (Rihanna, Drake, Holly Cole, Sting, and Herbie Hancock. 2012 Juno Award for Recording Engineer of the Year)
    George Seara
  • "The Radial Gold Digger has become an essential tool for my vocal sessions. It is totally transparent and really aids in the creative flow of the session."

    Dave Bottrill - Engineer
    (Peter Gabriel, Tool, Silverchair)
    Dave Bottrill
  • "The Gold Digger and Cherry Picker are 'real' toys for the studio. They let you try out every combination of microphone and preamp chain before settling on the one that best suits a particular vocal or instrument. No more having to plug and unplug your whole rig. Saves time, and really fun."

    Sebastien Lefebvre
    (Simple Plan)
  • "I no longer need to worry about blowing up my speakers while unplugging or plugging in a mic cable. With just a press of a button on my Gold Digger mic selector by Radial, I can switch seamlessly from one microphone to the next within a split second."

    Steve Pageot - Producer/Engineer/Musician
    Aretha Franklin, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli, MTV, VH1
    Steve Pageot

Radial Gold Digger 4-Channel Mic Selector

Part No. R800 1440

  • Four selectable inputs with trim adjusts
  • Straight wire distortion-free signal path
  • Will not introduce color or artifact
  • Increases artist's confidence when recording

The Gold Digger is a 4-channel mic selector that enables the engineer to quickly compare the sound of four different microphones while sharing the same preamp. A 'straight wire' passive circuit design is void of any audio buffers or transformers. Instead, the Gold Digger employs military grade gold contact relays to manage the switching process, thus ensuring the pristine mic signal is maintained without introducing color, distortion or artefact of any kind.

Features include four rear-mounted XLR-F mic inputs plus an XLR-m output to feed the preamp. To eliminate bleed between microphones, each channel is equipped with a 'radio style' selector switch that ensures only one mic is on at a time. The external supply provides power for the LED indicators, charges the relays and enables the Gold Digger to generate 48 volt phantom which can be turned on or off for each mic as needed. To ensure an 'honest' comparison between microphones, individual 'set & forget' trim controls let you adjust each mic level so that they produce the same relative output. Once set up, the Gold Digger not only improves workflow, but also gives the artist more confidence with the sound of the vocal, resulting in a better overall performance.

The Gold Digger – A tool designed to get the very best out of each and every performance.


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Mic Preamplifier


SA Series Rack Adaptor

Gold Digger™ - Applications
Comparing Four Studio Condenser Mics

The Gold Digger lets you quickly compare the sound of four microphones and send the signal to the same preamp. This assures an 'honest' comparison as all mic signals employ the same audio path. Separate 48V on-off switches let you activate phantom as needed.

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Comparing Various Direct Boxes

Comparing DI boxes can often lead to surprising results. Often, one will use an active DI like the J48 only to find that a passive one like the JDI could in some instances sound better. Plug in the four DIs just like you would a microphone and you are set to go.

Selecting a wireless system

The Gold Digger can also be used in live touring where you may want to direct as many as four different wireless systems to a single audio input channel in the PA system. This could be 4 mics in a house of worship, 4 wireless guitars, or maybe a couple of mics in a town-hall meeting.