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  • "In all my years with numerous artists, I've never used a DI that sounded this good and solved problems this easily."

    Jeff Worrell
    (FOH - America, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, Edgar Winter, Sheena Easton )
    Jeff Worrell
  • "Radial delivers the quality and sturdiness I've come to appreciate in the recording and touring worlds."

    Tony Levin
    (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Mark Knopfler, John Lennon, Paul Simon)
    Tony Levin
  • "Switching to Radial JDIs across the board has been the best thing that has happened. The fiddle is sweeter and smoother than it has ever been."

    Bob Workman
    (FOH - The Charlie Daniels Band)
    Bob Workman

H-Amp™- Headphone Driver

Part No. R800 8020

  • Connect your headphones to any loudspeaker
  • Run a series of headphones from one amplifier
  • 100% passive - does not require any local powering
  • Cost effective monitoring solution for large orchestras

The Radial H-Amp is a unique interface that allows you to connect multiple headphones to a power amplifier or in-line with a loudspeaker such as a wedge monitor or PA cabinet. In other words, you simply connect the output from the amp or the parallel through connection from the loudspeaker and the H-Amp converts the signal to safely supply your headphones.

Designed to accommodate two musicians at the same time, the H-Amp is equipped with two headphone outs - each with individual level control. A special 3-band filter lets you EQ the tone to help compensate should the mix going to the headphones from the loudspeaker need to be adjusted. The EQ filter can also be assigned to one set of headphones should two different types be used at the same time. Connection to the H-Amp is done with a standard Neutrik Speakon 4 pole connector. A second Speakon acts as a thru-put to allow multiple H-Amps to be used in tandem for larger groups such as orchestra or press conference.

As with all Radial products, the H-Amp is able to handle the abusive environment of global touring. 14-gauge I-beam steel construction ensures maximum rigidity while the innovative book-end design creates a protective barrier around the switches, potentiometers and connectors. A full-bottom no slip pad provides mechanical isolation while providing plenty of 'stay put' for the most vibrant drum risers!

The Radial H-Amp… now you can add a set of headphones to any situation with ease!


Balanced -10dB to +4dB Signal Driver


Monitor Controller


Flange Mount Adaptors

H-Amp™ - Applications
H-Amp with a Loudspeaker

Connect the output from any loudspeaker or wedge monitor right into the H-Amp for instant headphone connection. Adjustable level and EQ lets you adjust loudness and tone to adapt.

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H-Amp with a Power Amp

The H-Amp lets you connect a series of headphones right from the power amp. Each H-Amp supplies two sets of headphones and the thru connector lets you expand as needed.

H-Amp with 2 Different Headphones

The Radial H-Amp is equipped with a 3 band filter set that lets you tailor the tone of the headphones to suit. The EQ can be applied to either one set or both allowing you to use two types of headphones.