HotShot™ ABi Development

The HotShot ABi development is simply a continuation on Radial's desire to provide a cross section of foot-controllable solutions. Being able to select from two sources and control the levels independently makes sense. However we cannot claim any major innovation with the ABi... it is a tool. And as with any good tool, the quality is what sets it apart. 'Made in Canada' using 14 gauge steel and premium switches results in a heavy duty design that will last years.

The most innovative feature on the ABi is the use of pads in the switching circuit to allow two sources to be matched so that when you switch from one to the other, the loudness remains consistent. By adding a second trim on input-B, you can fine tune the signal path.

The HotShot ABi will find a variety of uses depending on the system tech's requirement for a given venue, show or installation.