Peter Gabriel with in ear monitors

HotShot™ DM1 Development

The HotShot DM1 is one of those 'why didn't anyone ever think of that before' devices. It is so simple yet incredibly effective that you will wonder how any mic could be used without one... The original concept came from the folks at Solotech, one of the world's premier sound reinforcement companies known for their work with Celine Dion, Cirque Du Soleil and Michael Buble among others.

The problem and the solution

When bands are on stage, communication is essential... both with the audio techs and between band members. Back in the old days, you would simply look to the monitor engineer and point to the bass guitar and scream: I can't hear the bass! Then, as the stages got bigger sign language would be used with fingers pointing to monitors, guitars and vocals... up... down... feedback... you get the picture.

Speaking with band members was easy, you walked over in between songs or during an instrumental passage and verbalized your message. But then... something changed. The bands started to use in-ear monitors making person to person communication impossible. One solution was to set up a second mic at the back of the stage that would only be connected to the monitors. This way the artist could walk back and speak into the mic to convey a change of tune or maybe a problem to be fixed. The DM1 basically performs the same function, only in this case... each artist can be set up with his or her own talkback system using the same mic that they use for vocals.

Discreet momentary performance

To make the process as discreet as possible, the DM1 does not have any LED or require any power whatsoever to make it work. You simply depress and hold the footswitch. Yes... hold the footswitch because the switch is momentary. In other words, it only switches to the monitor system when you are holding it down. As soon as it is released, it automatically reverts back to normal operation. This makes it impossible to forget it in the wrong position. A good thing with some artists!