IceCube Manual Cover

IceCube™ IC-1 Using & Applications

The Radial IceCube is a masterpiece in form and function. Why? Because it is so easy to use, you cannot make a mistake. If you hear a noise problem, simply insert the IceCube into the signal path. You will find that 99% of the time, the noise will go away.


The IceCube is a passive device. This means that it does not require any power to make it work. As soon as you plug it in, it will spring to life. The secret inside is a custom made Eclipse transformer that is designed to handle any buffered line level signal from -20dB to +15dB. This is a sufficient range to manage jst about any type of signal that you may encounter.

The feature set is simple. It includes an XLR-F female input and an XLR-M male output. The only other switch is a recessed ground lift switch that can be activated by pushing it in should it be required.

Making Connections

Before inserting the IceCube into your signal chain, make sure all signal levels are turned down. This will avoid power-on and connection transients that could cause a loud pop in the sound system and damage more sensitive components such as tweeters. Connect using standard XLR cables. The IceCube is wired following the AES convention with pin-1 ground, pin-2 (+), and pin-3 (-). You can use the IceCube with unbalanced lines and an XLR adaptor cable. This will reduce the signal amplitude by roughly 6dB.

Once the connection is made, slowly increase the volume to test. It is a good idea to always test the audio system at low volumes. This will further prevent system damage should a cable or connection be faulty.

About transformers

As you surely know, not all transformers are of equal quality. At Radial, we take great care in selecting the best transformer for the job, and spend hours testing various models on the bench as well as listening to the sound quality. The Eclipse transformer inside the IceCube sounds great and does a superb job at providing isolation. It eliminates hum and buzz by isolating the transmitting device to the receiver. The other benefit with a transformer is that it will block stray DC voltages that can interact between AC powered devices, causing noise problems.

Lifting the ground

The only control on the IceCube is a ground lift switch. When the ground lift switch is unengaged, the audio signal path connects the pin-2 (+) and pin-3 (-) from the input through the transformer to the output, while connecting the pin-1 ground to the chassis at both the input and the output. When the ground lift switch is engaged, the ground path is lifted on both sides, disconnecting the grounds from the chassis.

When the ground is lifted, this eliminates the audio ground, leaving the electrical ground connected at both ends for safety. This also generally results in less noise. If you encounter noise, simply push in the ground lift using a small screwdriver.