Radial J48 Stereo Top View
Radial JDV Top View
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  • Radial J48 and Paul 'Pab' Boothroyd
    Paul 'Pab' Boothroyd

    "The Radial J48 is one piece of kit that can be relied upon from day to day in my worldwide touring. It is not only reliable but delivers what it needs to do... and that is deliver good audio."

    Paul 'Pab' Boothroyd
    (AC/DC, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Faith Hill, Pink)
    Paul 'Pab' Boothroyd
  • Radial J48 and Tommy Emmanuel
    Tommy Emmanuel

    "I love my Radial J48 direct boxes! They produce a big, fat and clean signal that is so good, they are the ones I use for my live recordings. Thank you Radial"

    Tommy Emmanuel
    (Certified Guitar Player)
    Tommy Emmanuel
  • Radial J48 and Joe Chicarelli
    Joe Chicarelli

    "I use the J48 every day. The signal path is clear, punchy, honest and faithful to the sound of the individual player's instrument."

    Joe Chicarelli
    (Bon Jovi, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, The White Stripes)
    Joe Chiccarelli
  • "Radial DI boxes sound exactly like they're supposed to with no additional colour, hum or buzz."

    Serj Tankian
    (System of a Down)
    Serj Tankian
  • Radial J48 and Phil Keaggy
    Phil Keaggy

    "I thought Radials only worked on my car, but since my sound man hooked them up to my guitar, I like them even better... Great clear and pure sound!"

    Phil Keaggy
    (Acoustic Guitar Virtuoso)
    Phil Keaggy
  • "My guitar sounds warmer and richer with the Radial J-48 than before with the other D.I. unit"

    Josh Turner
    Josh Turner
  • "I love the Radial J48 and don't leave home without it! I use the hell out of it."

    Guthrie Trapp
    (Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Trisha Yearwood, George Jones, Alison Krauss)
    Guthrie Trapp
  • "I've tried virtually every DI out there, but the minute I tried the J48, I knew I was done. There's a clarity in this box that doesn't seem to exist in any others. Thanks, Radial!"

    Carl Miner
    (National Flatpicking Guitar Champion, The Greencards, Pink Martini, Sam Bush, and Taylor Swift)
    Carl Miner
  • "Radial gives you the natural sound you only get with a very high quality box!"

    Jimmy Haslip
    (John Scofield, Robben Ford, Donald Fagan, Yellowjackets)
    Jimmy Haslip
  • "The Radial DI's have become a staple in my studio and in my live rig. The units sound great, and I love the versatility they afford me in any situation."

    Dave LaRue
    (Dixie Dregs, Joe Satriani)
    Dave LaRue
Radial J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

J48™ Stereo Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

Part No.R800 3002 00

  • Ultra low distortion of all types
  • Exceptional headroom & dynamic range
  • Retains instrument's natural sound
  • Powered by 48V phantom

The Radial J48 Stereo is a high performance active direct box designed for professional touring and studio recording. It features the same award-winning signal path that has made the single channel J48 the most specified active direct box on tour today. And with users as diverse as Paul McCartney, Tommy Emmanuel and Joe Chiccarelli, you can be sure it will meet the most demanding qualifications.

The design begins with a rugged 14 gauge steel construction and a bookend design that protects sensitive switches and connectors from damage. The internal I-beam construction ensures the fragile internal PC board will not torque, which in turn could lead to cold solder joints developing and premature failure. All connectors are made from glass-filled nylon and feature extra large nickel-silver contacts that will not tarnish over time.

Inside, a unique switching power supply converts the 48 volt phantom to AC, increasing the headroom for improved signal handling and lower distortion. This results in an exceptionally linear frequency response that spans from 10Hz to 40kHz while being able to handle high output instruments without choking. In addition, a -15dB pad may be engaged for extreme signal handling. This is supplemented with a high-pass filter that gently rolls off low frequencies below 80Hz to clean up mud and excessive resonance. A side-access 180º polarity reverse aids when using the J48 Stereo with dual element pickups to either phase align the sources or eliminate acoustic hot spots that can cause feedback on stage.

A unique aspect of the power supply is the way that the J48 handles buzz and hum caused by ground loops. The traditional solution is to lift the audio ground by disconnecting pin-1 at the XLR output. When this is done, the 48 volt phantom power from the console is shut off, forcing one to introduce a battery into the equation. Unfortunately, batteries are inconsistent, and when they begin to drop power, severely affect the available voltage and resulting headroom. Instead, the J48 employs a DC to DC converter with a high frequency transformer that enables the audio ground to be lifted at the power supply. This does not shut off the phantom power and is invisible to the user.

The Radial J48 Stereo – Twice as good as the world's finest phantom-powered active DI!


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J48™ Stereo - Applications
Using the Radial J48 for Live Touring
Using the J48 Stereo with a keyboard
The J48's active circuit and amazing signal handling makes it a great choice for both digital and old school analog keyboards. A built-in pad reduces the sensitivity if needed.

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Using the Radial J48 in the Studio
Using the J48 Stereo with two basses
The compact design makes it easy to connect two guitars using one direct box. The great sounding active circuit sounds as good as other DIs costing five times as much!
Reamping with the Radial J48
J48 Stereo with two different instruments
Use the J48 Stereo with two completely different instruments. The low crosstalk makes it a great choice when doubling between bass, acoustic guitar, fiddle, or mandolin.