JPC User Guide (250kb)

Using the JPC™

The Radial JPC is plug-and-play easy to use! This short-form manual is designed to help familiarize you with the JPC and get you up and running quickly. For more detailed information, we invite you to download the complete manual: JPC user manual


The JPC is a stereo direct box designed to interface the analog output from a CD player, computer laptop, iPod or other unbalanced consumer device and connect it to the balanced microphone preamp input on a mixing console. A wide array of input connectors make interfacing easy and convenient. The XLR male outputs are mic level for compatibility with mic splitters and snake systems.

Making Connections

As with all audio equipment, we recommend that levels be turned down and system components be turned off before making connections as this will help eliminate power-on transients that could damage sensitive electronics and loudspeakers.

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  1. Connecting the left and right XLR outputs to the mic-preamp inputs of a mixing console.
  2. The JPC derives its power using standard 48V phantom from two channels of a mixing console. Ensure that both mixer channels are set to supply phantom power.
  3. Two LED indicators on the JPC will illuminate when phantom power is applied. Check the LED indicators to confirm power is flowing to both channels.
  4. Connect your stereo audio device to a JPC input. The JPC features three types of audio connectors on it's input panel. Choose the one that fits your device best.
  5. If needed, connect a local mixer, self-powered speaker or recorder to the thru-put jacks. The unbalanced input jacks are wired in parallel and unsed jacks can act as thru-puts for the -10dB input signal.
  6. Cue up your track and test the system at a low volume. If you detect distortion try toggleing the -15dB pad. If all is well you are set to go!
3.5mm Laptop computer MP3 player Hand-held recorder
RCA CD player DVD player Cassette player
¼" Phone Stereo keyboard Digital Sampler Guitar/Bass preamp

Input Panel Features

The JPC is equipped with a full selection of stereo input connectors. The 3.5mm (1/8” TRS) is common to most laptops and personal music playback devices like the popular Apple® iPod. The stereo RCA connectors are used when interfacing CD or DVD players. The ¼" phone jacks are used for interfacing DJ gear and musical instruments like digital samplers and keyboards. To prevent noise, only one input device should be used at any one time.

Once you have connected your audio device to the JPC the unused jacks can be used as thru-puts for the -10dB signal. This way you can distribute the incoming signal to another device like a mixer or monitor speaker.

No Phantom Alternative

The JPC derives its power using standard 48V phantom from a mixing console. If you are considering the JPC and by chance have older equipment that does not have phantom power available, we recommend using the Radial ProAV2.

The ProAV2 is a passive direct box that does not require any power to work. It has an input panel like the JPC that allows easy connection of different audio devices.