Radial JDV Top View
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  • "I used the Radial JPC on my Mbox as playback for Sting's 'Songs from the Labyrinth' promo tour. It supplied a clean dependable signal to the PA without any buzz. I am particularly pleased with the Radial JPC. it's a great tool!"

    Donal Hodgson
    (Engineer, Sting)
    Donal Hodgson
  • "Radial DIs provide the flexibility I need to perfectly match any situation I come across. I specify Radial exclusively for every tour I mix."

    Dave Natale
    (The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner)
    Dave Natale
  • "Radial DIs are built like a tank. They sound good, are amazingly transparent, can handle anything we throw at them and they work every single night. What else can you say?"

    Michael Davis
    (Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Steve Wariner, Ricky Van Shelto)
    Michael Davis
  • "We struggled for years on Zombie to get clean audio from the video servers and the JPC solved our 6 year battle. I finally get clean CD quality and do not cringe at the noise levels. The JPC is great!"

    Joel Lonky - FOH & Production Mngr
    (Rob Zombie, The Goo Goo Dolls, Diddy, Billy Idol)
    Joel Lonky
  • "Interfacing pro-sumer audio gear into a pro audio set-up is a continual problem. I have zero time to waste sweating about gear, trying to eliminate buzz's and hums. The JPC means I don't have to. It sounds great, is unobtrusive and is so reliable, you forget it's even there."

    Russ Miller - FOH & Sound Engineer
    (Johnny Marr, Alison Moyet)
    Russ Miller

JPC™ Computer Direct Box

Part No. R800 1026

  • Easy to use stereo interface for laptop computers
  • Active signal path with transformer isolation
  • Eliminates hum and buzz common to PCs
  • Full connector options set for easy interface

The Radial JPC is an analogue stereo interface designed to help solve the buzz and hum problems commonly associated with connecting a computer to an audio system. This is accomplished by combining active buffers and transformer isolation to create an effective 'hybrid' circuit.

Intended for professional field use, the JPC comes fully loaded with choice of ¼", RCA and 3.5mm input connectors that make it easy to interface with all types of unbalanced audio sources such as computers, iPods, and CD players. It is equipped with isolation transformers to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops and to further reduce system noise; while AC blocking capacitors in the active circuit prevent pollution from the audio system from bleeding back into the computer. Outputs are XLR balanced mic level for easy interface to snake systems and PAs. Powering the JPC is accomplished via 48V phantom from a mixing console. This enables the JPC to be used in concert environments without requiring an external power supply.

The JPC is a great sounding stereo direct box that is plug-and-play easy to use with practically any consumer electronic device. The noise eliminating advantages makes the JPC a must-have problem solver for any technician's audio kit.

The Radial JPC... an effective tool designed to make interfacing gear easy.


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Multimedia Direct Box


Flange Mount Adaptors

JPC - Applications
Using the JPC with a computer
Computers are often the cause of noise in the PA system. The JPC's combination of transformer isolation with an active drive circuit helps reduce noise by eliminating stray currents.

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Using the JPC with a DJ setup
The JPC is well suited to handle the type of audio generated by CDs and digital audio files. By isolating the the source with the PA system you also eliminate noisy ground loops.
Using the JPC with an iPod
The JPC's 3.5mm (1/8") TRS jack makes it easy to interface portable playback devices like the iPod. This makes it easy to bring unbalanced audio tracks into the PA system via the balanced mic input of a console.