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BigShot™ I/O True Bypass Instrument Selector

Part No. R800 7202

  • Toggle two instruments with single foot stomp
  • Adjustable volume control to match levels
  • Separate tuner output and mute switch
  • Load compensation for long cables

The Radial BigShot i/o is an easy to use instrument selector that lets you quickly transition between any two instruments and send the output signal to your amp. Because the i/o is 100% true-bypass, it addresses the needs of the most demanding purist.

To enhance functionality, input-B is equipped with a trim control called DIM that lets you use two different types of instruments and set the levels so that they match. You simply connect the louder of your two instruments into input B and set the level to suit. When passive instruments are used, a unique 'bright' switch lets you compensate for high frequency loss when using longer cables. The BigShot i/o is also equipped with a separate tuner output. With a simple foot stomp, the sound going to the amp is muted and diverted to the tuner for quiet on-stage adjustments.

Super compact, extremely rugged and 100% passive, the BigShot i/o does not require any powering to make it work. This makes it ideal for pedalboards where the use of batteries or power supplies is painful!

The BigShot i/o... the perfect instrument selector for stage use.


Two Channel Instrument Switcher


Acoustic Instrument Preamp


Bass Preamp and DI Box

BigShot™ I/O - Applications
Using the i/o with two electric guitars

Switching between a Strat and a Les Paul is easy! Plug the two guitars into the i/o and hit the toggle switch to select. Connect your tuner for quiet onstage tuning using the mute footswitch

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Using the i/o with passive and active bass

Output levels can vary dramatically between an active bass and a passive one. Connect your traditional fender to input-1 and your active bass to input-2. Turn on the DIM control and reduce the level on input-2 to compensate.

Switching between acoustic and electric guitars

Multi instrumentalists are often forced to switch between electric and acoustic guitars. The BigShot i/o makes it easy! Use input-1 for the electric and lower the sensitivity on input-2 for your acoustic to balance the signals.