J-Rak 4

J-Rak 8

LX-2™ Development

As most Radial products are designed to be effective problem-solvers, they generally arise out of necessity. This is true for the LX-2, as it came about due to customer requests for a balanced single channel splitter that could handle professional line level signals.

The same way the JS2 mic splitter is optimized for mic level signals, the LX-2 features a Jensen JT-11-FLPCH transformer, which makes it ideal for handling +4dB or hotter signals and noiselessly splitting them to two destinations at once.

We have also included a passive trim control. This allows the LX-2 to do double-duty as an attenuator, providing the ability to adjust the volume of your signal while splitting it. This can be particularly useful in the recording studio, where you might want to push your mic preamps hard for coloration and saturation, but don’t want to distort the inputs of your recording interface.

Like other Radial boxes, the LX-2 can be easily rack-mounted using the J-Rak 4 and the J-Rak 8, allowing you to easily access multiple channels of splitting in a compact rack enclosure. This gives you the power of up to 8 channels of Jensen transformer splitting with level adjustment at your fingertips.