Radial LX-2 User Guide
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Using The LX-2™

The LX-2 serves dual-purpose as both a balanced line-level splitter and a signal attenuator, allowing it to be used in a variety of situations in the studio and on stage. The heart of the LX-2 is a premium Jensen transformer, which splits a mono audio signal to two destinations simultaneously. The outputs are isolated from each other, and feature ground lift switches to prevent buzz and hum from ground loops. A variable trim control can be engaged to attenuate the input signal, providing a useful level control when you need one. For further details please click on the icon to the left for the LX-2 user guide.

Making connections

Before making connections, ensure that your sound system is turned off and all volume controls are turned down. This prevents any plug-in transients from damaging speakers or other sensitive components. The LX-2 is completely passive, so it doesn’t require any power to operate.

The LX-2 has a combination XLR/TRS input connector, which is wired with the AES standard pin-1 ground, pin-2 hot (+), pin-3 cold (-).You can connect balanced or unbalanced inputs to the LX-2; the isolated output will always be a balanced signal, while the direct output will be balanced or unbalanced depending on the input source.

Using the trim function

For situations where a level adjustment is required, the trim control on the LX-2 allows you to attenuate overly hot signals. This lets you drive your mic preamps hard to achieve coloration, while attenuating the level at the LX-2 to avoid clipping the inputs of your recording interface. This trim control is activated by a recessed 'set & forget' TRIM ON switch. For use on stage or in situations where attenuation is not needed, simply disengage this switch to prevent accidental or unwanted level adjustments.

Engage the trim function to drive a mic preamp to saturation
without distorting the inputs of your recording interface.

Using the ground lift

When connecting two or more powered devices, you may encounter hum and buzz caused by ground loops. The isolated output on the LX-2 has a Jensen transformer in the signal path, which blocks DC voltage and breaks the ground loop. However, the direct output is connected straight through to the input of the LX-2, and you may need to engage the ground lift on this output to disconnect pin-1 on the connector and help remove buzz and hum on this output. A GROUND LIFT switch is also present on the isolated output to provide further abatement of ground loop noise.

The image above shows an audio source and a destination with a common electrical ground. As the audio also has a ground, these combine to create a ground loop. The transformer and ground lift work together to eliminate the ground loop and potential noise.