LX8™ Development

Some products naturally evolve from previous designs. This in fact was the case with the Radial LX8.

Several years ago, Radial developed the OX8™, a very successful microphone signal splitter that was purpose-built for recording live shows. The OX8 enables the engineer to take 8 microphone signals and split them between the PA system and the recording system. What is so cool about the OX8 is that it delivers the sound without noise or distortion and does so without any power whatsoever. In other words, the passive design is plug & play to use.

Long time customer Cirque du Soleil contacted us with a special need. They wanted the same functionality as the OX8, but instead of being designed for low level signals like microphones, they wanted it to be able to handle higher output line level signals such as the output from a mixing console. This would enable them to take various line level sources and split the signal to feed multiple consoles and crossover systems to enable freedom when designing complex audio systems.

The primary difference between the Radial OX8 and the LX8 is the type of transformer used and the resulting signal level handling. While the OX8 is designed to handle microphone and direct box signals that typically range from -40dB to -10dB, the LX8 is designed to manage line level signals that span from -10dB to +26dB.

Although most system designers will use the D-subs or Euro-block connectors for i/o connections, the front panel XLRs add a level of comfort for situations where quick access for connectivity is needed. This makes the LX8 a great piece of 'kit' for audio systems that need to split and distribute +4dB balanced signals throughout a facility or traveling show.