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Radial LX8™ Line level signal splitter and isolator

Part No. R800 8200

  • 8-channel balanced line level signal splitter & isolator
  • Handles +26dB signals without distortion or artifact
  • Jensen transformer-equipped for optimal signal transfer
  • Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops

The Radial LX8 is an eight channel passive line-level isolator designed specifically to manage balanced signals in professional audio systems. Applications include splitting a source between two destinations or simply isolating devices to eliminate the hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

The single rack space design begins with a 100% passive circuit which means it does not require any powering whatsoever to make it work. Inside, each of the eight channels is equipped with a premium Jensen® JT-123-SLPC transformer that is able to handle transients in excess of +26dB at all frequencies right down to 20Hz without audible distortion. This results in an accurate signal transfer with minimal phase shift or artifact. In the studio, the Jensen transformer delivers added warmth and a natural 'vintage-sounding' compression that is preferred by the most critical listeners. When used in larger systems, you benefit from significantly lower noise.

Input connections include a series of front-panel XLRs for easy integration into live racks or a rear-mounted 25-pin D-sub. Output connections include a hardwire thru-put, a transformer isolated output and an auxiliary output, the latter two being equipped with ground lift switches to help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. All rear panel connections are presented with a choice of standard 25-pin D-Sub wired to the Tascam-ProTools standard or with screw-down Phoenix connectors for easy field termination for permanent installations. (Note: The Phoenix cable terminal connectors are sold separately).

All of the eight incoming signals are routed to the direct output, the transformer isolated output and an auxiliary out, enabling multiple signal paths to be put into practice without the usual noise that is associated. These features combine to make the Radial LX8 the perfect isolator for the most demanding multi-channel audio system.


Passive Microphone Splitter


Eight Channel 3-way Splitter


1x4 Distribution

LX8™ - Applications
Using the LX8 to split line levels on stage

Recording live using high quality preamps delivers the best results. Connect your preamps to the LX8 and split the signal to the recorder and the PA using the isolation to eliminate hum & buzz caused by ground loops.

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Using the LX8 to feed delay towers

In larger installations, running audio to multiple destinations can cause havoc with noise due to uncertain power conditions. The LX8 isolates the second output to eliminate ground loops, reducing system set-up problems.

Using the LX8 to feed two different audio systems

Running audio around various environments such as large venues, multi-function rooms or broadcast facilities can often lead to noise polluting the audio system. The LX8 eliminates noise problems due to ground loops.