McBoost™ Specifications

The Radial McBoost is a discrete class-A balanced microphone 'pre' preamp that employs a dual-transistor J-FET circuit to produce up to 26dB of clean, natural gain using standard 48V phantom as the power source. Each part is batch sorted to ensure quality and each unit is tested to ensure it meets rigorous performance criteria. As detailed in the specifications below, the McBoost is linear throughout the audio range, exhibits near-perfect phase response and, considering it is pure class-A, very low distortion. This is further supported with exceedingly low coloration as shown in the fast Fourier transform. The McBoost, it's simple to use, just plug and play with this excellent addition to any audio engineer's tool box.

Audio Circuit Type:  Class-A Differential DC Coupled FET
Frequency Response: <7Hz to >30kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion:  0.006%
Dynamic Range:  116dB
Input Impedance:  600Ω / 2.7kΩ / 30kΩ
Gain - Full / Half: +26dB / +20dB
Gain - Variable: +4dB to +25dB
Clip level - Output:  +16dBu 
Output impedance - XLR Output:  220Ω 
Equivalent Input Noise:  -125dBu 
Noise Floor:  -100dBu / -110dBu
Intermodulation Distortion:  0.01%
Phase Deviation:  <10°
Common Mode Rejection:  >50dB
Controls: Gain
Switches: Load Impedance, Gain
XLR Configuration: Pin 2 + / Pin 3 - / Pin 1 Ground
Power:  Phantom Power - 48V
Construction:  Cold Rolled Steel
Finish: Durable Powder Coat
Warranty:  Radial 3-year, transferable
Specifications are subject to change without notice.