MIX 2:1™ Development

The MIX 2:1 was designed to help solve a problem that often arises among those who work with audio. The common request we hear is “I need a simple box that sums two signals together cleanly without introducing any noise.” While we make numerous products that split audio signals and convert them for a wide variety of applications, we realized that this was an opportunity to provide yet another unique solution for a fairly common scenario. As a result, the MIX 2:1 was born.

For players and engineers who need to sum their tracks to mono or take the outputs of a console to a single input, keeping the audio signal as clean as possible is paramount. For this reason, we chose to use a passive circuit for the MIX 2:1, which would not color the signal and provides an extremely wide and neutral frequency response. This also offers the additional benefit of requiring no power to operate, so it would be easy to employ anywhere on stage or in the studio.

Dual level controls were included for times when two separate mono sources would be mixed together, giving individual control over each signal, and a 180° polarity flip switch compensates for sources that are out of phase. Dual ground lift switches on the rear of the MIX 2:1 help prevent buzz and hum from ground loops and both XLR and ¼" TRS input connectors are provided. The output is a balanced XLR that can feed a PA, powered speaker, or mic preamp depending on the application. Lastly, for users that want to sum a stereo left-right pair to mono without affecting the balance between the signals, a ‘level control defeat’ bypasses the individual trim controls. This prevents accidental or unwanted changes to the signal levels.

As with all Radial devices, we made sure to complete the design with a 14-gauge steel chassis and military-spec circuit board, adding as much durability as possible to ensure years of trouble-free summing with the MIX 2:1.