mPress Top View
mPress Top View
mPress Top View

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mPress™ Broadcast Press Box

Part No. R800 8010 00

  • Modular press box with up to 448 outputs
  • Completely analog, no digital trickery!
  • Active drive with transformer isolation to eliminate noise
  • Can play background music when on standby

The Radial mPress is a modular press box that can be expanded as needed to feed a community-sized press gallery or distribute audio for an international event.

The design begins with the mPress; a master head distribution amplifier that is equipped with two microphone inputs, two balanced line level inputs, 48V phantom power for condenser microphones and a built-in limiter to prevent overload from overly rambunctious orators. Eight balanced mic or line level outputs may be used to supply feeds to a small press gathering. For larger system requirements, a series of modular Exo-Pods™ may be deployed. These external modules are connected using standard mic cables and feature ten balanced outputs and four mini 3.5mm TRS connections to feed portable recorders or hand-held video cameras. In order to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, stray DC currents and less than ideal powering systems, all outputs are transformer isolated.

The mPress modular approach replaces the spaghetti of cables that usually hampers setups with an orderly system that enables one to create zones for various groups. From each of the mPress XLR outputs as many as four Exo-Pods may be chained together, for a total of 320 microphone or line level outputs and 128 recorder outputs. A built-in 1kHz test tone provides everyone with a reference level and the built-in headphone amplifier helps when trouble shooting. To simplify setups, a main stereo output is available to feed a pair of powered speakers and broadcast the event to an audience. Separate audio inputs also enable the mPress to play background music while waiting for the guest speaker to appear.

The mPress... a modular press box designed to grow to suit your needs.


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mPress™ - Applications
Using the mPress as a basic eight out press box

In this setup, you are using the eight balanced outputs on the mPress to feed the press gallery without using the Exo-Pods. Set the outputs to low and connect using standard mic cables.

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Using the mPress in a star configuration

Connect as many as eight Exo-Pods to the mPress to create eight separate zones – each with 14 outputs for a total of 112 press feeds. All of the outputs are isolated to eliminate noise!

Extending the outputs in a series configuration

Daisy-chain one Exo-Pod into the next to expand the system while reducing cable mess. Setting the mPress outputs to high enables almost unlimited press feeds!

Using the mPress with the outputs of a console

You can connect the outputs of a console to the balanced line level inputs on the mPress, integrating it with your existing PA system. Simply depress the recessed switch on the rear XLR inputs to allow you to connect line level signals and distribute them to the press gallery outputs.