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What is MIDI?

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol that allows electronic instruments and control devices to communicate with one another. MIDI is not audio, but rather a way to send On/Off messages on different equipment. This could be individual notes or pitch bend on keyboards, drum machine control, play/pause functions on recording devices, or switching commands. MIDI can be interpreted by many pieces of hardware and software.

What is omni mode?

Omni mode means the MIDI device will respond to all messages regardless of what channel they are being sent on.

Why would I need separate MIDI channels?

Multiple channels allows you to daisy-chain MIDI devices and have them all act independently of one another.

Why is there a midi out on the MR5?

The MIDI out on the MR5 is not currently active.

Do I need a power supply for the MR5?

No, the MR5 is powered by the JR5 input on the applicable Radial device.

What is a control change message?

The Control Change (CC) is a value that ranges from 0 to 127. This allows hardware such as faders or knobs send detailed messages to make changes and adjustments to volume, pitch or any other function that requires detailed control.

Why would I want MIDI control of my JX44?

Many guitar players use MIDI switching pedalboards or sequencers to make changes while playing. The MR5 allows these players to integrate the JX44 into their current setups without the need for an additional foot switch.

I own a JX44 and JR5. How will the MR5 improve my setup?

If you are currently using MIDI switching in your rig (such as the Ground Control), or wish to automate your amplifier or instrument switching using a sequencer, the MR5 can replace the JR5 foot switch.

Can I select instruments on the JX44 with program change messages?

No. The MR5 instrument selection is setup to respond to control changes only. Amplifiers are selected using program changes.

Can I select amps and mute on the JX42 with the MR5?

No. The MR5 will only switch instruments on the JX42.

I changed some of the dip settings but nothing happened. What's the problem?

You must push the 'Reset/Save' button on the side of the MR5 after making any changes to the dip switches.

We run backing tracks using a laptop. Can I use the MR5 to automatically change instruments and amps on my JX44?

Yes, as long as your software can send midi program change and control change messages, you can have your instrument and amp selections change automatically at appropriate times during a song.

How many midi devices can I chain together using the thru connector?

You can daisy-chain up to 16 devices on a single MIDI line.

Why is there no ground lift on the MR5?

MIDI does not carry audio, so no noise will be transmitted through audio channels.

Which midi pedals will work with the MR5?

Any MIDI device that can output control and program changes will work with the MR5.

I programmed CC88 to select instrument 1 but it turns off when I release the footswitch. Why?

Some midi pedals (Yamaha MFC10 for example) send an off command when you release the footswitch. You will need to program the footswitch to toggle on/off messages. That way your first press will turn the instrument (or amp) on and the second press will turn it off. Check your midi pedal manual for more information.