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  • "I used a digital delay before and although it works technically, the Phazerbank wins hands-down for sounding more natural and musical. Great results with a turn of a knob!"

    Paul Ramsey - FOH
    (The Who, Annie Lennox, The Doves and Skunk Anansie )
    Paul Ramsey
  • " beloved Radial Phazerbank, still helping me find that sweet spot after all these years. Bringing two sources together so that they are one, in perfect harmony... Love it"

    Paul Boothroid
    (AC/DC, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Pink)
    Paul Boothroid
  • "The Phazer quick to use, no digi-thinking involved, no sonic signature. The Phazer really helps me fine tune the acoustic image. A no-brainer for live mixing."

    Zero Nylin
    (Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Dave Grusin, Steve Miller,
    Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner)
    Zero Nylin

Phazerbank Phase Adjuster

Part No. R800 1460

  • 100% discrete analogue phase adjustment tool
  • Same as Phazer in 4 channel 19" rackmount
  • Ideal for phase correcting kick, bass and guitars
  • Rackmount version optimized for live touring

The Radial Phazerbank is a 4-channel analogue phase adjustment tool that enables the engineer to effortlessly adjust the phase between two microphones when double mic'ing a single source. Once applied, the result is fatter sounding guitars, a more solid bass, tighter kick and more realistic sounding piano.

The Phazerbank follows the exact design, layout and technical specifications of the popular Phazer, yet it is delivered in a handy 4-channel rack version for live touring. This makes it easy to incorporate into the effects rack and connect via the mixing console channel insert points. Using the Phazerbank is easy: simply turn on the effect, close your eyes and listen.

For complete details on development, specifications and FAQs, simply follow the Phazer link by clicking here.

The Radial Phazerbank... a powerful audio tool made easy.


Class-A Phase Adjuster


Adjustment Tool


Guitar Amp Direct Box

Phazer™ - Applications
Using the Phazer in a kick drum

Engineers love to combine the attack of the batter head with the boom of a second mic. The Phazer elevates the effect by letting you combine the two in perfect sync. Simply insert the Phazer on the batter head channel, rotate the phase control and in seconds you are there.

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Using the Phazer with a guitar amp

Sometimes, getting a great guitar sound seems to take forever. This is due to irregularities such as stage resonance, room acoustics and a slight shift in mic position. Combine a Radial JDX direct box with the usual SM57 on the speaker. Phaze adjust the JDX and in seconds, you will get huge guitar sounds.

Using the Phazer to solve bass problems

In smaller venues, the bass level coming off the stage can often compete with the PA system making it hard to mix. Combine the direct feed from the bass amp using a JDX direct box and phase align it to the PA using the Phazer. You will be amazed at how this simple process will clean up your mix.