Powerhouse™ Specifications

The Powerhouse is a ten card-slot 500 series power rack designed to fit three standard 19" rack-spaces (3RU). The Powerhouse follows the guidelines set out in the Workhorse open-source document (Whos-Doc) to accommodate the very latest Radial modules with Omniport™ while being backwards compatible with older modules. This means that it will work with pretty much all 500 series modules. Regarding the audio performance, as there is no audio circuitry other than connectors, the Powerhouse will not impart any color or distortion. The Powerhouse employs gold plated 15-pin EDAC card-edge connectors on the inside plane and nickel-silver Neutrik connectors on the back panel for excellent signal transfer. Each slot is equipped with an auto-resetting fuse to protect the system should a faulty module be employed. A 1600 milliamp external supply provides plenty of current to feed the modules and 48V for phantom power.

The Powerhouse simplifies the process with a FEED switch that replaces inter-module patch cables. Instead of using an XLR cable, you simply push the FEED switch into the UP position and it routes the signal to the adjoining module's input. When engaged, the FEED function sends the signal to the next module working from left to right (front view). Because the FEED function is tied to the XLR connector, it will work with new Radial modules and older 500 series modules.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Circuit type: Connection buss from modules to connectors
Format: 19" rack mount, 3 rack space
Number of slots: 10
Input connectors: 10 balanced XLR male, 10 ¼" TRS
Output connectors: 10 balanced XLR female, 10 ¼" TRS
Compatibility: Adheres to the Whos-Doc and VPR Alliance
Omniport: Yes
Feed switch: Yes
Stereo link: Yes
48V phantom power: Yes on all channels
Available current: 1600 milliamps
Average current 160 mA per slot
Card slot impedance: Module dependent
Ground connections: Chassis & audio ground
XLR pin wiring: AES standard: pin-1 ground, pin-2 (+), pin-3 (-)
Power supply: External 100V - 240V AC with 48V Phantom
PSU Connection: Locking 5 pin XLR female on cable
Shipping size (W x H x L) 11.50" x 13.25" x 21.25"
Shipping weight 13.40lbs
Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C