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  • "The PowerPre is a must hear. I used it for recording vocals, guitar amps and drums with great results. It is particularly good in high transient, high SPL situations where you can drive it hard for more transformer color. I bought one."

    Kevin Becka
    (Mix Magazine)
    Kevin Becka
  • "I would call the PowerPre full, solid and clean with a classic vintage sound. If you think of the sound of deep rich vintage radio announcers, you will be in the ballpark. This is a stellar and unique sounding preamp."

    Paul Vnuk Jr.
    (Recording magazine)
    Paul Vnuk Jr.
  • "The PowerPre celebrates its own individuality by offering a carefully conceived set of controls that let you extract an expansive range of character. In practice, I found it to be very quiet at all settings. It should be on your short list."

    Andy Hong
    (Tape-op Magazine)
    Andy Hong

Radial PowerPre™ Mic Preamplifier

Part no. R700 0110

  • Hand selected 100% discrete electronics
  • Hammond broadcast transformer output
  • AccuState™ low-noise input circuit
  • 3-position Vox control for added air or punch

The Radial PowerPre™ is a high performance microphone preamplifier designed to be used with the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series modular racks. It features 100% discrete components for optimal signal transfer and employs a 'vintage' Hammond broadcast output transformer for warmth and exceptionally smooth tone.

The design begins with a front mounted XLR for instant connectivity plus a recessed 48V phantom power switch for safety. Unlike most mic preamps that require careful gain adjustment to avoid troublesome noise, the PowerPre is equipped with the newly developed AccuState™ input stage that automatically optimizes signal-to-noise at all levels with up to 55dB of gain. This is supported with a full 10 segment LED meter for precise signal monitoring.

To add extra character; a 3-position Vox control lets you set the PowerPre to 'breath' for added high frequency air such as when accentuating a vocal track or adding harmonic content to an acoustic guitar. The 'punch' setting adds body when recording electric guitar or can be used to fatten a voice. When set to linear, the PowerPre delivers a truly natural rendering for orchestral recording that will suit the most demanding purist. This is augmented with a gentle high-pass filter that helps control low end resonance when layering acoustic instruments.

Ultra quiet, low noise and exceptionally warm sounding… the PowerPre makes spectacular audio easy.


Induction Coil EQ


100% discrete state-variable class-A equalizer


Compressor Limiter

PowerPre™ - Applications
The Basic Setup
The PowerPre fits any 500 series rack. In its most basic setup, you connect a mic to the PowerPre and send the XLR out to the recording system. Single dial control makes recording easy and efficient.

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The Mic Channel
Use the PowerPre as the front end to drive an EQ and compressor to create the ultimate channel strip. Simple cascade one module into the next and send the final output to your recorder.
Tracking Instruments
The PowerPre is not just for mics! If you have a Workhorse, you can also use it as the front end when recording instruments or tracking a bass direct. Simply plug into the Omniport and you are set to go.