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  • "As a working musician and recording engineer for 30 yrs, I have finely found gear that stands up to any Neve console I've ever worked on. The Power Tube, Power Pre and Q4 eq's are just breathtaking… I can't imagine anyone not loving these. They just sound beautiful."

    Tim Carter
    (Vince Gill, The Whites, Hank3, Tim O'Brien, Tony Trischka)
    Tim Carter
  • "The Powertube's tube character places the vocal in such a great way in a crowded mix. I trust Radial to build a solid product."

    Brad Baisley
    (Monitor Engineer - Blake Shelton,
    Joe Nichols, Clint Black)
    Brad Baisley
  • "The PowerTube is a workhorse mic pre that I know I can trust in any recording situation."

    Matt Bishop
    (Producer / Engineer - Taylor Swift, One Direction,
    Snow Patrol, Airborne Toxic Event, Robbie Williams)
    Matt Bishop

Radial PowerTube™ Tube Preamplifier

Part no. R700 0115

  • High voltage 12AX7 tube drive with 60dB of gain
  • Smooth sounding Jensen Transformer input
  • Hand inserted 100% discrete class-A electronics
  • Single wide module fits all 500 series rack formats

The Radial PowerTube is an 'old school' 100% discrete class-A vacuum tube microphone amplifier intended to capture the essence of the voice or instrument while adding the rich harmonics, warmth, and character of a transformer coupled tube circuit.

Designed to fit inside the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series racks, the 'single-wide' PowerTube begins with an ultra low-noise Jensen input transformer. This exhibits near perfect frequency response while producing the warm Bessel curve Jensen is legendary for. The signal is then amplified via a select 12AX7 tube using an innovative non-radiating charge pump that supplies 140 volts to the tube to deliver the excitement and character of a high-voltage vintage tube amplifier. This feeds a class-A balanced output stage that together, can produce as much as 60dB of gain. This makes the PowerTube ideal for use with all microphones.

Features include an easy-access front panel XLR input with a safely recessed 48V phantom power switch. To optimize signal-to-noise the PowerTube is equipped with fully variable trim and gain controls. A 10 segment LED bar graph provides visual feedback and driving the PowerTube into the red is encouraged. This increases the grit, harmonic content and distortion. For even more character, activating the Air adds a slight edge to a male vocal or sparkle on an acoustic guitar. Low frequency resonance is easily tamed using the high-pass filter. For added pleasure, the PowerTube comes factory-loaded with a select 12AX7 tube along with a second Tonebone distortion pedal tube for more grit and madness.

The Radial PowerTube... the true character of a world class vintage tube preamp without the noise!


Induction Coil EQ


100% discrete state-variable class-A equalizer


Compressor Limiter

PowerTube™ - Applications
PowerTube for studio vocals (in cube)

The PowerTube is the ultimate front end for your finest studio microphone. The Jensen transformer-coupled front end quietly delivers the full spectrum of the source into the class-A tube drive circuit for spectacular results.

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Live recording (in workhorse w/o mixer)

The single wide design and innovative powering scheme allows you to use eight PowerTubes in the Workhorse without sacrificing dynamic range. This makes it perfect for the most demanding live music recording sessions.

PowerTube on bass (in powerstrip)

Nothing sounds bigger and warmer than a tube! Connect your bass to the Omniport instrument input on the Workhorse, Cube or PowerStrip. Feed the PowerTube into a Komit compressor for dynamic control and then a JDX amp & speaker simulator to capture the sound of a 4x12 half stack.