Presenter™ Development

The Presenter was designed to meet the needs of anyone speaking at an event who needs to send a vocal mic and the output of a laptop or other playback system through a set of powered monitors. This includes a wide range of events, from school lectures and presentations, to weddings and community gatherings, and everything in between. For many, the solution often forced people to navigate overly complicated PA systems, or suffer through the poor sound quality of many small format mixers. The idea for the Presenter was to provide a simple yet high quality mixer that combined a microphone signal with any audio playback that would be needed for a presentation. The USB input was added to provide exceptional audio playback from a laptop, while a 3.5mm input was just as important to make it easy to connect a smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device and instantly blend it with the microphone input. We decided to power the Presenter via USB to prevent the need for yet another power cable, with a cable clamp to prevent accidental disconnection.

Keeping things as simple and easy to use as possible was the goal, while still including the most useful features that would be needed on stage at an event. A low pass filter and tone controls for the microphone input were added, to tailor the sound of the mic to best suit the room or venue it would be used in. A ground lift switch helps eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops, and a mono switch ensures that the Presenter can just as easily be used with a single speaker if required.

Power may be provided via a standard USB wall plug adapter (not included)

Finally, we took all these features and packed them into a compact but durable steel chassis, to ensure they last for years but take up little space under a podium. A Kensington slot is included on the side of the chassis to secure the Presenter when used in installations and prevent theft, and rubber feet keep the unit from sliding around or scratching desktop surfaces.