Pro48™ Development

Since launching the Radial J48, it has steadily grown to become a favorite with the professional touring community. Increased headroom, less distortion and a more musical rendering are welcome additions to the ever greater demands for sonic purity. This awareness has been spurred along by improved sound system performance and the tremendous shift to in-ear monitoring (IEM) where the artist on stage can actually 'hear' what is going on. It only makes sense that as the top professionals look to improving every aspect of the signal chain, others will soon follow their lead.

Following the footsteps of the popular Radial J48, the Pro48 presents a pared down solution that is at once affordable yet does not compromise the audio signal in any way. Cost reduction measures include a smaller footprint, less graphics and reduced feature set that eliminates 'extras' such as the merge function (stereo to mono mix) and the high pass rumble filter. Sonically, it is identical to its big brother. And since it is more affordable, it is more accessible to those that may not have big budgets. In other words, users such as home studios, houses of worship, community centers and regional bands can afford the Pro48 and enjoy the benefits of a world class DI at an affordable price.

What's the Pro48 all about?
The most important function of a direct box is to transfer the sound of the instrument to the mixer without coloration. What few realize is that a direct box is in fact a sort of preamp known as a unity gain buffer. And just like any other preamp, the circuit design is critical to the performance. This means that every effort must be made to minimize distortion of all types while expanding headroom.

The Pro48 meets the challenge by introducing a novel switching supply that steps up the internal rail voltage and dynamic handling by converting 48 volt phantom power to AC, then applying a serious dose of magic that turns this diminutive mouse into an elephant! Think of putting a 12 cylinder Jaguar engine into a Fiat Spider. More headroom equals less distortion. And as distortion decreases, something funny happens… things start to sound better.

Use it on anything!
Just like a good preamp, a good direct box can be used on anything. Keep in mind that the Pro48 is designed to transfer the signal without adding coloration, distortion or artifact of any kind. The idea is simple: plug in you Fender P-bass and you will get the sound of the instrument. If it does not sound right for this particular recording, instead of using a 'colored ' direct box, why not simply record using your Yamaha 5 string active bass! The Pro48 is all about delivering the natural sound of the instrument.

So whether you are using an acoustic guitar, mandolin, Dobro or electric violin… the Pro48 will transfer the sound of your signal faithfully.

Like the Radial J48, the Pro48 has found its way onto many world-class stages including the world renowned Montreal Jazz Festival. Artists that use the J48 include Paul Simon, Santana, Jethro Tull, Bonnie Raitt, Tommy Emanuel, Linkin Park, Rod Stewart, The Who and many others.

The internal workings of the Radial Pro48 are identical to the Radial J48 which by all accounts delivers the most accurate signal path of any phantom powered active direct box made today. The primary difference lies in the smaller footprint and reduced feature set. As shown, the Pro48 delivers a 'ruler flat' frequency response with less than 1dB deviation from 20Hz to 20kHz.