ProAV1™ and ProAV2™ Using & Applications

This short guide is written for those who are experienced with pro-audio and direct boxes. Complete details about the many features built into the ProAV1 and ProAV2 including information about connecting either to your system can be found in the manual (PDF download).

The best feature of the ProAV1 (and ProAV2) are their 'plug & play' ease of use. All you do is connect the audio device to the inputs using the ¼”, RCA or 3.5mm jacks, un-used inputs can pass the signal thru to a local mixer. The ProAV1 is mono with one XLR output, the ProAV2 is true stereo with two XLR outs that patch to the mixing console or recording system. Any distortion? Hit the -10dB pad. Any noise? Just depress the ground lift switch.


ProAV1 ~ Mono Output

Connection for a Mono Keyboard
Connection for a Mono Keyboard.
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ProAV2 ~ Stereo Output

Connection for a Stereo Keyboard
Connection for a Stereo Keyboard.
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ProAV1 Inputs

The main difference between the units is that the ProAV1 is a mono DI and the ProAV2 operates in stereo (or dual mono). This difference is what defines the layout of each input panel.

The ProAV1 allows stereo devices to connect but the left and right channels are summed to mono. Unused jacks can be used as a thru-put allowing the summed signal to be passed to a local sub-mixer or instrument amplifier.

ProAV2 Inputs

The ProAV2 is a true, two channel, stereo device meaning the left and right inputs are seperate channels. The input jacks are also wired in parallel but the left and right channels are seperate. You can still use unused jacks as a stereo thru-put although this may be less practical for instruments like guitar and bass when they need to drive an on-stage amplifier. For example, an MP3 player may connect to the 3.5mm phone jack and the RCA jacks used to thru-put the stereo signal to a local DJ mixer.

ProAV1 - Consumer Audio to PA System

Connecting the Radial ProAV1 via Consumer Audio to a PA System

The ProAV1 is perfect for interfacing consumer audio electronics with pro PA and recording equipment. The dual phone, RCA and 3.5mm inputs on the ProAV1 sum the left and right stereo channels to a mono output for connection to a monophonic PA.


ProAV1 - Standard DI for Instruments

Using the Radial ProAV1 with a Standard DI for Instruments

The ProAV1 works just like standard direct boxes for passive and active musical instruments like guitars, bass and keyboards. You can thru-put the signal to an on-stage amp while transformer isolation keeps things quiet for the PA or recording system.


ProAV2 - Stereo In ~ Stereo Out

ProAV2 - Stereo In ~ Stereo Out

The ProAV2 operates in true stereo (dual mono) making it ideal for stereo devices like laptops and DVD players. Just like the ProAV1 you can connect with phone, RCA and 3.5mm jacks; quick and adapter-free.