The Radial ProD8 pivoting
Pivoting rack ears
your choice which panel faces the front, ¼ or XLRs.

ProD8™ Using & Applications

This short guide is written for those who are experienced with pro-audio and direct boxes. Complete details about the many features built into the ProD8 and information about connecting it to your system can be found in the manual (PDF download). The best features of the ProD8 are the sound quality (isolation from electrical hum-and-buzz) and its 'plug & play' ease of having eight high quality DIs in one rack unit.

All you do is connect the instrument to the ¼” inputs, the ¼” through jacks to the guitar amps (if any) or sub-mixers and the XLR outputs to the mixing console and you are done. Any distortion? Hit the -10dB pad. Any noise? Just depress the ground lift switch. How quick was that?


Single Channel Summing Inputs ~ Mono Output

Single Channel Summing Inputs ~ Mono Output
Connection for mono keyboard.
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Two Channel Stereo Inputs ~ Stereo Output

Connection for stereo keyboard
Connection for stereo keyboard.
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ProD8 Channel I/O

Like all direct boxes each ProD8 channel has an input and thru jacks to connect instruments and amplifiers. However, look closely and you will find two more jacks that offer features unique to the ProD8.

The first unique feature is the dual summing input jacks. Labeled IN-A and IN-B, these jacks let each ProD8 channel receive two input signals that are summed to a mono signal. This saves channels on the mixing console and allows reduntant backup equipment to be connected in standby mode. For instance, a computer workstation, used for backing tracks, is connected to channels 1 thru 8 using the IN-A jacks. A second "backup" computer can be connected to the IN-B jacks in case your main computer crashes.

The second unique feature found on each channel is the LOOP jack. This ¼" TRS phone jack is an "insert type" effects loop you can use to connect an external effect device like a reverb or digital delay.

The Radial ProD8 Channels

Set the ProD8 rack ears so that the ¼ inputs are on the front panel to make patching different instruments easy. This give you access to the dual inputs and thru-put jacks for quick connection to amps in the studio.


The ProD8 with Rack Synths

Using the Radial ProD8 with Rack Synths

Set the ProD8 up with the XLR outputs facing front to accommodate the touring racks of modular synths. With the ¼ inputs on the inside of the rack your synths stay connected while sound techs patch the XLR outs into the main snake and PA system.


Using the ProD8 for Backing Tracks

Using the Radial ProD8 for Backing Tracks

The ProD8's dual summed inputs make it convenient for patching two sources into each channel at the same time. This lets you use the ProD8 for backing tracks with two multi-track running in sync or redundant keyboard setups for live performances.