Radial ProD8 Top View
Radial ProD8 Panels
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Radial ProD8 Pivoting
Pivoting rack ears your choice which panel faces the front, ¼ or XLRs.
  • The Radial ProD8 and Herbie Hancock
    Kevin 'Tater' McCarthy

    "We use lots of Radial DIs on the Linkin Park tour. Sonically Radial DIs are superb and the build quality has proven to stand up to the road. I love my Radial gear!"

    Kevin 'Tater' McCarthy
    (Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Brian Setzer, Godsmack)
    Kevin McCarthy
  • Radial ProD8 with Terry Lawless
    Terry Lawless

    "Once you hear the difference between a Radial DI and the others, you'll never go back!"

    Terry Lawless
    (Keyboards and Programming - U2)
    Terry Lawless
  • Radial ProD8 with Chuck Leavell
    Chuck Leavell

    "We used Radial DIs on the Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang" tour. 148 shows later, they have performed perfectly, without a hitch. Pure, transparent sound with full dynamics that do not color my keyboards. Radial ROCKS."

    Chuck Leavell
    (Acoustic Guitar Virtuoso)
    Chuck Leavell
Radial ProD8 Eight Channel Rackmount DI

ProD8™ Eight Channel Rackmount DI

Part No. R800 1120

  • High density 8-channel rackmount DI for keyboards
  • Withstands extreme dynamics from digital sources
  • Redundant inputs let you incorporate backup system
  • Reversible rack ears to optimize patching setup

The Radial ProD8 is a high performance 8-channel passive direct box optimized for keyboard rigs in professional touring. The design begins with fully redundant dual ¼" inputs on all channels. These are summed together to enable the system tech to patch in a backup keyboard and have it on standby should a device go down during a show. This also enables up to 16 keyboards or 8 stereo sets to be connected should the need arise. A (shared) ¼" TRS effects insert jack on each channel allows two keyboards to share the same effect while adding greater routing options while ¼" thru-put delivers a direct feed to the artist's playback system.

The engine inside is a custom wound Eclipse ET-DB2 transformer that performs both the impedance matching and balancing. Linear from 20Hz to 20kHz, it is able to withstand the extreme dynamics common with today's digital keyboards. Unlike active circuits that overload and square wave when the rail voltage is exceeded, transformers saturate. This means that as the signal increases, the ProD8 naturally rounds out the tone producing a warm Bessel curve reminiscent of the very best vintage audio gear. The other significant advantage to this passive design is 100% galvanic isolation between the source and destination. This eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops, resulting in a quieter stage.

The output panel features isolated XLRs each equipped with ground lift and 180º polarity reverse. Internal switches may be routed to accommodate various schemes such as star grounding. To enhance setup options, the Radial ProD8 is equipped with reversible rack ears. This handy feature allows the system tech to position the inputs on the front of the rack when interfacing with external keyboards or have them inside if the setup is predominantly equipped with rack modules.

The Radial ProD8 delivers unsurpassed audio quality, is able to withstand extreme dynamics, eliminates noise and presents a wide range of setup options. It is no wonder that it has become the world's most popular rack DI for concert touring.


Rackmount Direct Box


Stereo Direct Box


Stereo Direct Box

ProD8™ - Applications
Using the ProD8 in the Studio
The ProD8 in the Studio

Set the ProD8 rack ears so that the ¼ inputs are on the front panel to make patching different instruments easy. This give you access to the dual inputs and thru-put jacks for quick connection to amps in the studio.

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Using the ProD8 with Rack Synths
The ProD8 with Rack Synths

Set the ProD8 up with the XLR outputs facing front to accomodate touring racks of modular synths. With the ¼ inputs on the inside of the rack your synths stay connected while sound techs patch the XLR outs into the main snake and PA system.

Using the ProD8 for Backing Tracks
Using the ProD8 for Backing Tracks

The ProD8's dual summed inputs make it convenient for patching two sources into each channel at the same time. This lets you use the ProD8 for backing tracks with two multi-track running in sync or redundant keyboard setups for live performances.