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  • "As a working musician and recording engineer for 30 yrs, I have finely found gear that stands up to any Neve console I've ever worked on. The Power Tube, Power Pre and Q4 eq's are just breathtaking… I can't imagine anyone not loving these. They just sound beautiful."

    Tim Carter
    (Vince Gill, The Whites, Hank3, Tim O'Brien, Tony Trischka)
    Tim Carter
  • "The Q4 imparts a silky sound by subtly smoothing out some of the upper midrange peaks inherent to vocal microphones. I trust Radial to build a solid product."

    Brad Baisley
    (Monitor Engineer - Blake Shelton,
    Joe Nichols, Clint Black)
    Brad Baisley
  • "The Radial Q4 sounded great on everything I tried it on. I use it on drums, keyboards and especially guitars. The Q4 represents a terrific value for the money"

    Vance Powell
    (Engineer - Beck, Jack White, Chris Stapelton,
    Kings of Leon, Ellie)
    Vance Powell

Q4 100% discrete state-variable class-A equalizer

Part No. R700 0162

  • Four band semi-parametric equalizer
  • 100% discrete class-A state-variable filters
  • Sounds exceptionally warm and natural
  • Fits all standard 500 series power racks

The Radial Q4 is a unique equalizer that combines the warmth and detail of a pure class-A circuit with the character of true 100% discrete state-variable filters. In other words, no integrated circuits are employed whatsoever. Each full size through-hole part is carefully inserted by hand and then wave soldered to ensure optimal signal flow. This produces a level of sonic warmth and musicality that excels above the others.

Designed to fit in the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series racks, the Q4 features four frequency bands with high and low shelving at 10kHz and 100Hz and two semi-parametric mid sections that let you sweep frequencies from 300Hz to 8kHz. The two mid-bands can be further optimized by selecting either a wide or narrow Q. All frequencies may be cut or boosted by up to 12dB - affording plenty of range. A handy 'bypass' switch lets you compare the dry tone with the EQ's effect and for those equipped with a Workhorse, the Omniport is designated as an unbalanced ¼" TRS input/output connection that can be inserted into a console channel strip using a single TRS cable.

This makes the Q4 a wonderful choice for adding analog character to a voice or instrument and a natural for enhancing music program material.


Tube Preamplifier


8-Channel Tube Drive (Coming Soon)


Portable 6 slot
power rack

Q4 500™ - Applications
Using the Q4 on voice

Connect a mic to your favorite preamp and send the signal through the Q4 to add a gentle sparkle in the top end or solidify the fundamentals in the lower mids. The Q4 lets you quickly dial in the frequencies you need without ever sounding harsh.

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Using the Q4 to accentuate tracks

The Q4's musical sounding circuit can make any track sound its best! Simply send an instrument or pre-recorded track into the Q4 and explore! The Q4 is super easy to use. Add some high end to accentuate the air, some bass to warm up the bottom and pull out some mids to blend tracks together.

Using the Q4 on program material

The Q4's warm sounding class-A discrete circuit is the perfect medicine to warm up digital tracks and give them old-school 'vintage' analog character. With 12dB of boost and cut on each frequency, you have plenty of power to shape and create your sonic signature.