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  • "The Relay XO is exactly what we needed for Zac to be able to communicate with the crew, we now cannot do a show without it."

    Andy Hill - Monitor Engineer
    (Zac Brown Band)
    Andy Hill

Relay Xo™ Balanced remote AB switcher

Part No. R800 8030

  • Switch vocal microphone from PA to intercom
  • Allows artist to speak with musicians and techs
  • Remote control using footswitch
  • Route any balanced signal to two destinations

The Radial Relay Xo is a 1-in, 2-out balanced audio switcher designed to route the output of a microphone to two different audio inputs. This, for instance, enables a vocalist to switch his mic between the main PA system and the monitors so that he can discreetly communicate with other band members or the technical staff. This is of particular importance for artists that employ in-ear monitors. You can also use the Relay Xo to send the output of a microphone to two channels on the PA. The first channel could be set 'dry' to speak to the audience between sets, while the second channel could be set 'wet' with reverb and echo to enhance the voice. This enables the vocalist to control effects and deliver a more professional performance.

The Relay Xo features a balanced XLR input and two balanced XLR outputs. The audio signal path is completely passive 'pure wire'. There are no transformers or electronic buffers inside that could introduce distortion or color the tone. Instead, the Relay Xo employs military-grade gold-contact sealed relays to do the switching. This makes the Relay Xo equally suitable with mic and line level signals.

Switching may be done using the side-access pushbutton switch or by remote control via the XLR and ¼" input jacks using either the Radial JR1-L latching or JR1-M momentary footswitch. A remote link enables multiple Relay Xo's to be used in tandem.

The Radial Relay... a powerful switcher that is easy to use!

JR1-L / JR1-M

Latch / Momentary Footswitch

JR2 / JR2-DT

Dual Remote /
Desktop Switch


Stage Mic Toggle

Relay Xo™ - Applications
Switch mic between live and communications

Use the Relay Xo to switch the vocal mic between the PA system and intercom so that you can speak to the technical crew or other band members. Use the optional JR1-M momentary footswitch to remotely control. This avoids unsightly hand signals!

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Switch from dry to wet audio channels
On gigs where you do not have your regular soundman, use the Relay Xo to toggle between a dry channel on the mixer to chat with the crowd - and a wet channel with reverb and delay to enhance your vocals when singing. Use the optional Radial JR1-L latching footswitch for switching.
Add special effects to your acoustic guitar
Ever wish you could add special effects to your acoustic guitar for solos or a particular song? Use the Relay to toggle between normal and solo channels on the mixer. Use the Radial JR1-L to remotely control and toggle between the two like an Eric Clapton solo!