Radial Product Images & Resources

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  4-Play R800 1432 00

Multi-Output DI Box

  Backtrack R800 8102 00

Stereo Audio Switcher

  BT-Pro R800 1055

Bluetooth® Direct Box

  Catapult TX4: R800 8022 00
RX4: R800 8025 00
TX4M: R800 8023 00
RX4M: R800 8026 00
TX4L: R800 8024 00
RX4L: R800 8027 00

4-channel Cat 5 Audio Snake
contractor mic splitter

  Cherry Picker R800 1442

Studio Preamp Selector

  CX8 R800 8001 (CX8-J)
R800 8002 (CX8-R)

8-channel 3-way
contractor mic splitter

  Decoder R800 1415

Mid/Side Matrix and Mic Preamp

  Exo-Pod R800 8012 00

Broadcast Splitter

  EXTC-SA R800 2020

Guitar Effects Interface

  Firefly R800 2020

Tube Direct Box

  Gold Digger R800 1440 4-Channel Mic Selector
  Headload R800 7058 Guitar Amp Load Box
  Headload Prodigy R800 7068 Combination load box and DI Link
  H-Amp R800 8020 Passive headphone interface Link
  IceCube R800 1031 Balanced Line Isolator and Hum Eliminator Link
  J+4 R800 8015 Stereo -10dB to +4dB
line driver
  J-Iso R800 1025 Stereo +4dB to -10dB interface
  J33 R800 1300 Active stereo phono preamp and direct box Link
  J48 R800 3001 Active phantom powered direct box
  JD6 R800 6000 6-channel rackmount 1RU passive direct box Link
R800 7000 Guitar amp selector/combiner and
  JDI R800 1010 Passive direct box Link
  JDI Duplex R800 1020 2-Channel passive
direct box
  JDV MK5 R800 2015 Active super direct box Link
R800 1400 Amplifier direct box


  JPC R800 1026 Stereo computer DI Link
  JR5 R800 6600 Remote footswitch for JX44 Link
  JS2 R800 1022 2-way mic splitter Link
  JS3 R800 1023 3-way mic spliter Link
Air Control
R800 6500 Guitar and amplifier
stage switcher
  JX42 R800 6505 Guitar and amp switcher Link
  JX62 R800 6510 Guitar and amp stage switcher
stage switcher
  Key-Largo R800 1427 00 Keyboard mixer and performance pedal Link
  LX8 R800 8200 8-Channel
line-level splitter
  MC3 R800 5000 00 Monitor Controller Link
  McBoost R800 8016 00 Microphone Signal
  MIX 2:1 R800 1036 00 Two Channel Audio
Combiner & Mixer
  mPress R800 8010 00 Broadcast Press Box
  MR5 R800 6605 00 MIDI signal translator
  OX8 R800 8003 OX8-r
R800 8004 OX8-j
mic splitter
  Phazer R800 1450 Phase adjustment tool Link
  Phazer Bank R800 1460 4-Channel phase adjustment tool
  PZ-DI R800 3005 Orchestral Instrument DI
  Phazer Kit R800 1225 Phazer+JDX guitar amp recording kit See Phazer and JDX See Phazer and JDX
  Re-amping Kit R800 1200 J48+X-Amp studio re-amping kit See J48
and X-Amp
See J48
and X-Amp
  Reamp JCR R800 1030 Passive Reamper Link
  Relay Xo R800 8030 Balanced remote AB switcher
  SAT-2 R800 1035 00 Stereo Audio Attenuator & Monitor Controller


  SGI R800 1600 Studio Guitar Interface


  SGI-44 R800 6700 Studio Guitar Interface
for JX44
  Space Heater R800 7050 00 Analog Summing Mixer & Tube Drive
  Studio-Q R800 1435 00 Desktop Cue & Talkback Controller
  SW4 R800 8110 4-Channel Audio Switcher
  SW8 R800 8020 8-Channel auto switcher


  Trim-Two R800 1117 Stereo DI with Level Control
line isolator
  Twin-Iso R800 1024 2-Channel +4dB
line isolator
  USB-Pro R800 1050 Stereo USB Laptop DI
line isolator
  Voco-Loco R800 1425 Effects Switcher for Voice or Instrument Link
  X-Amp R800 1028 Active Re-Amplifier


      DI boxes, splitters, interfaces and re-amping tools
Model Order # Description Images Product Sheet User Guide Press Release
  Pro48 R800 1105 Phantom powered
active direct box
  ProAV R800 1112

Passive multimedia
direct box

  ProDI R800 1100 Passive direct box Link
  ProD2 R800 1102 Ppassive stereo
direct box
  ProD8 R800 1120 8-Channel rackmount passive direct box Link
  ProISO R800 1150 Stereo +4dB to -10dB interface Link
  ProMS2 R800 1122 Passive Microphone Splitter
  ProRMP R800 1125 Passive re-amper Link

 DI Boxes
Model Order # Description Images Product Sheet User Guide Press Release
  StageBug SB-1 R800 0110 Active Acoustic DI Link
  StageBug SB-2 R800 0120 Passive DI Link
  StageBug SB-4 R800 0140 Piezo Orchestral DI Link
  StageBug SB-5 R800 0150 Laptop DI Link
  StageBug SB-7 R800 0170 Headphone Silencer Link
  StageBug SB-15 R800 0115 High Performance Signal Buffer Link
  StageBug SB5W R800 0155 Wall-mounted stereo
direct box
  StageBug SB-48 R800 0148 Phantom Power Supply Link
  StageBug SB-48UB R800 0149 Phantom Power Supply with Instrument Output Link

      Stage Switcher series
Model Order # Description Images Product Sheet User Guide Press Release
  HotShot ABi R800 1508 Balanced input switcher Link
  HotShot ABo R800 1509 Balanced output switcher Link
  HotShot DM1 R800 1500 Dynamic mic switcher Link

      500 series
Model / Web link Order # Description Images Product Sheet User Guide Press Release
R700 0100

500 series rack & mixer

  Workhorse Cube
R870 1260

Desktop Power Rack

  Workhorse Powerhouse
R700 0104

10-Slot Power Rack

  Workhorse Powerstrip
R870 1261

3-Slot Power Rack

  Workhorse Sixpack
R700 0108

6-Slot Power Rack

  Workhorse WR8
R700 0101

8-Slot Power Rack

  WM8 Mixer
R700 0102

8 Channel Mixer for the WR8

  ChainDrive R700 0172 1x4 Distribution Amplifier
  EXTC R700 0132 Guitar Effects Interface Link
  JDV-Pre R700 0120 Instrument Preamp and DI Link
  JDX 500 R700 0122 Reactor Speaker Simulator Link
  Komit R700 0150 Compressor-limiter Link
  PhazeQ R700 0140 Phase adjustment tool Link
R700 0110

Mic Preamplifier

R700 0115

Tube Preamplifier

R700 0113

Channel Strip

R700 0112

Channel Strip

  Q3 R700 0160 True passive induction coil EQ Link
  Q4 R700 0162 Semi-parametric equalizer
  Shuttle R700 0134 Effects insert and routing module Link
  Space Heater 500 R700 0152 Tube Drive Link
  Submix R700 0170 4x1 Line Mixer
  TankDriver R700 0136 Spring reverb tank driver Link
  Tossover R700 0164 Variable Frequency Divider Link
  X-Amp 500 R700 0130 Reamper Link

Legacy Products

Model Order # Description Images Product Sheet User Guide Press Release
  BigShot ABY R800 7200 True bypass ABY switcher
  BigShot EFX R800 7204 True bypass effects loop controller
  BigShot i/o R800 7202 True bypass instrument selector
  Phazer Kit R800 1225 Combination JDX and Phazer in convenient kit
  StageDirect R800 1170 00 Muting DI box

Legacy Cables & Snakes

Passive-DI Active DI Reamp Splitters Interfaces Switchers 500 Series Effects Cables Snakes