RELEASE DATE: March 21, 2012
SUBJECT: Radial introduces the EXTC-SA™ (Stand-Alone) effects driver loop
CONTACT: Tatiana Kostiak, (778.785.0135)
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Vancouver BC - Radial Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce the Radial EXTC-SA™ – a unique device that enables you to process a professional balanced line level signal through high impedance unbalanced guitar effects.

Radial senior engineer Dan Fraser explains: “After launching the 500 series EXTC™, it immediately catapulted to the number two sales slot right behind the PowerPre™ microphone preamp. Soon after, we began to receive requests from engineers who are not yet equipped with a Workhorse™ or 500 series rack to let them in on the fun! With the EXTC-SA, you can take any pre-recorded track or line level signal and send it through a guitar effect. Imagine processing a kick drum with a wah pedal or a vocal track with a Phase 90... The EXTC-SA does all the work. This opens the door to all kinds of creative options that are yet to be discovered.”

The EXTC-SA features a +4dB balanced XLR input that feeds two effects loops with ¼” jacks. These are arranged in series to allow the engineer to set up two different pedal chains. These can be used individually or combined together. Two front panel bypass switches allow the user to compare the wet and dry effects.  Signal levels are adjusted via front panel send & receive control dials to optimize signal-to-noise and minimize distortion. To further reduce hum and buzz caused by ground loops, the effects loop circuit is transformer isolated. A wet-dry blend control lets you mix in the desired amount of effect while retaining the original dry signal. This is supplemented with a 180 degree polarity invert switch to realign the phase of the wet signal should it be reversed. Once processed, the EXTC-SA re-balances the signal and sends it to the XLR output.

To retain the signal integrity, the EXTC-SA employs full size, 100% discrete hand inserted parts for optimal signal transfer. The circuit itself is pure class-A following Radial’s award winning circuit topology. Made entirely in Canada, the mechanical design follows the Radial tradition whereby 14 gauge steel is employed throughout. An internal I-beam frame eliminates outside stress that could cause the circuit board to torque which could lead to premature part failure. Front panel controls and switches are further protected with  a book-end cover that keeps them out of harm’s way.

The Radial EXTC-SA is a studio tool designed to enhance the creative spirit and excite the senses. Available in April 2012, the EXTC-SA is expected to sell for $330US.

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