Radial Stagebug User Guide
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Using The StageBug™ SB5W

The following page describes how to install and use the SB5W in a typical venue. For more information, feel free to download the manual by clicking the icon at left.


The SB5W is a wall mount direct box that is designed to fit inside a standard single gang electrical wall plate. It is important to note that as a low-voltage device, it should not be used alongside the electrical power systems. Please consult your local electrical authority as it likely requires its own electrical box.

Remove the rear metal enclosure from the SB5W using a Phillips (+) screwdriver. Connection from the SB5W to the PA system is done using standard twisted pair audio wire. This usually comes in a shielded format with 20 AWG to 26AWG conductors. The wire itself should be plenum rated to follow the local electrical code. Screw-down terminals make installation easy. You simply strip back the wire by 1cm (½"), push into the open slot and screw down tight using a standard slotted screwdriver. Leave about 20cm (8") of wire to allow easy manipulation. Tie wraps are provided to secure the twisted pair wire in place. Replace the cover and fit into the single gang wall receptacle.

Using the SB5W

As with all audio equipment, always turn all volume levels down or off before making connections. This helps protect more sensitive components such as tweeters from damage due to turn-on or connection transients.

Because the SB5W is completely passive, no power is required. You simply connect your audio source to either the 3.5mm or the RCA inputs and it will spring to life. Turn the SB5W level control fully counter-clockwise to off. Turn ON your audio source. Slowly bring the volume up on the SB5W to about 2 o'clock. Turn up the volume on the PA system. You should be set to go. If you do not hear sound, take a set of headphones or ear buds and listen to the audio source to make sure it is playing. If it is working, test the PA system using a microphone. Because the SB5W is passive, there is very little chance that it is not working.

Extra features

In addition to the DC blocking capacity of the transformers, the SB5W is equipped with a ground lift switch (A) to help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. This disconnects the ground wire from each channel on the SB5W to the PA system input (typically pin-1 on an XLR connector). If you hear noise simply push this in. As a contractor you can permanently lift the ground by not connecting the ground at one end.

A mono sum switch (B) is also provided. This works double duty by summing a stereo signal to mono or by sending a mono single to both outputs. Although most installations will be in stereo, there is good logic in summing the signal to mono: This provides all audience members with the same sound as the stereo field or effect is often lost when speakers are spread far apart. If the source happens to be mono, the SB5W will automatically distribute the signal to the two outputs. Connect as needed.