StageBug SB-7™ Development

At Radial, we are very proud to have developed long-standing relationships with top artists, world-class engineers and the many stage and studio technicians that make it possible to bring music to the public. Best of all, these folks are the ones that constantly challenge us to come up with solutions for the problems that they encounter every day when they go to work.

The StageBug SB-7 Earmuff is a result from a discussion we had with Thai Long - a wonderfully talented Los Angeles bass player and recording engineer who was one of the first artists to adopt Radial way back in the 1990s. As an engineer that often records string sections, Thai asked us to come up with a solution that would enable him to turn off one side of a set of headphones so that the bleed from the open side could be eliminated.

As our engineering team began developing the product, new applications began to spring to mind... you could for instance use the Earmuff as a personal volume control for each musician when multiple headphones are being fed from a power amp. It could also be used as a simple level attenuator for a stereo set of speakers in a home recording environment. And once it gets out there, who knows what these clever minds will come up with as new applications spring to mind!

The Radial SB-7 Earmuff is a compact, elegant solution that is easy to use, is completely passive and will not introduce distortion, artefact or affect the tone in any way.