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StageDirect muting DI box

Part No. R800 1170 00

  • Active DI with footswitch mute & tuner out
  • Silently switch instruments on stage without noise
  • Eliminates feedback when instrument is not in use
  • Remote control lets stage tech perform switching

The Radial StageDirect is a state-of-the-art active direct box designed for musicians who require extra control when they are on stage. As with most DIs, the StageDirect is equipped with a hi-Z input for the instrument, a thru-put for the stage amplifier and a balanced low-Z output for the PA system. The 'extra' comes by way of a dedicated tuner output and footswitch that mutes the signal going to the PA and stage amplifier while leaving the tuner output active. This enables the artist to mute the guitar when not in use or quietly tune in between songs.

The innovative circuit design combines a class-A FET input driver with a low noise op-amp to deliver exceptional audio at all frequencies. A -15dB pad may be inserted for extra high output instruments such as active bases or electronic keyboards. Engaging the high-pass filter gently rolls off excessive bass to eliminate clutter and run-away resonant feedback. A 180° polarity reverse switch can be used to help phase align the on-stage amp with the PA or eliminate acoustic 'hot spots' on stage by electronically moving the problem out of the way. A pair of full-sized LEDs let you know when the StageDirect is muted or ready to perform. Switching is done locally using the footswitch or may be remotely controlled by connecting a momentary (non-latching) footswitch to the dedicated ¼" connector. This enables the stage tech to mute the instrument as he hands the guitar to the artist and un-mute it as he walks off stage. Powering may be done via standard 48V phantom from the mixing console or by using the included 15VDC power supply.

Equally effective for acoustic guitar or bass, the StageDirect works as an extra stage hand by enabling the artist to change instruments without causing switching noise in the PA system.

The Radial StageDirect – Extra control is just a footstep away!


Phantom Powered Active Direct Box


Stage Mic Toggle


15VDC Power Supply

StageDirect™ - Applications
Acoustic guitar

The StageDirect is the ultimate stage hand! Hit the footswitch and it automatically mutes the signal going to the PA for quiet on-stage tuning. Put your guitar down and no more worrying about run-away feedback. Easy to see LEDs let you know the status at all times.

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Electric bass

Use the StageDirect to send the clean signal from your bass to the PA system and split the signal to your on-stage amp. In between songs, quietly tune while the signal going to your amp and PA is temporarily muted. Quietly switch between your passive and active basses.

Mandolin / dobro

Switching between instruments can be a serious problem for the multi-instrumentalist. The StageDirect makes it easy! Step on the footswitch to mute or switch instruments then hit the footswitch again and you are set to go. Connect a remote footswitch for extra convenience.