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Studio-Q™ - Desktop Cue & Talkback Controller

Part No. R800 1435 00
  • Compact desktop cue system for studio recording
  • Allows engineer & producer to talk to artist
  • Built-in engineer mic and external producer mic input
  • Improves studio efficiency, workflow and professionalism

The Studio-Q™ is a compact studio talkback controller designed to provide a simple yet full-function cueing system that allows easy communication with artists in a separate booth or on the other side of the control room glass.

The Studio-Q begins with a centrally located talkback switch that activates the built-in microphone, illuminating a bright LED to indicate that the talkback channel to the artist is active. This is supplemented with an external mic input for a dynamic microphone, allowing a stand-mounted mic to function as the main talkback source, or act as an additional talkback mic for a producer. Both the internal and external microphone levels are set via individual trim controls along with a master mic volume. A Radial JR1™ remote footswitch can be connected for hands-free activation of one or both talkback mic's. When the Studio-Q talkback is active, the signal is routed to the studio headphone system while it automatically dims the program to the desired level. A separate program level control allows instant access to the playback volume feeding the headphone mix.

Connecting audio to the Studio-Q is straightforward with balanced ¼" TRS program inputs and outputs. The external mic input features a standard XLR for a dynamic microphone, while the JR1 remote connects via ¼" jack. An additional 'remote out' ¼" jack allows you to send a dry contact signal to an external device when the talkback switch is depressed. This can also be set to carry DC power and accommodate a remotely powered LED beacon to attract attention when the artist isn’t wearing headphones or is in the middle of a take.

Following Radial’s pedigree for robust manufacturing, the Studio-Q is made from heavy 14-gauge steel for added durability and shielding against stray magnetic fields. A compact chassis size reduces the footprint on your desktop, with rubber feet that protect the work surface while keeping it firmly in place. The Studio-Q is powered by a 15VDC supply which may be locked in place using a cable clamp.

The Radial Studio-Q... a simple talkback system that improves communication and adds professionalism to your studio.


Passive Microphone


Line Level Signal
Splitter and Isolator


1x4 Distribution

Studio-Q - Applications
Home studio setup

Use the Studio-Q to add talkback functionality to your system. Now you can communicate seamlessly with an artist on headphones in a separate room.

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Adding a Beacon

The remote Beacon can be connected via ¼" cable, illuminating whenever the talkback button is pressed. This gives an additional visual indication that the engineer or producer is trying to communicate over the cue system.

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Using an external microphone

The XLR mic input on the Studio-Q allow a second microphone to be used so a producer or band member can also communicate with the artist in the booth. This can be controlled with a separate footswitch for easy hands-free operation.