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Submix™ Development

One of our goals in developing 500 series modules is to constantly push our engineering team to find new ways to increase the flexibility of the format. As Radial did not 'invent' the 500 series, we are somewhat limited to what we can do. Therefore, part of the challenge we have is trying to make new modules adapt to the original format - while taking advantage of the new features we have 'introduced' such as the Omniport that are incorporated into the Workhorse and other Radial power racks.

The original 500 series format was designed for single channel use whereby one module would be plugged into the next to create a channel strip. This was eventually expanded for stereo use by pairing up two modules side by side. The Submix is able to adapt to both. Used individually it provides an effective 4x1 mixer to route keyboards, effect returns or various other analog signals. Ganging two Submix modules together gives you a 4 x 2 stereo setup whereby one would be designated left, the other right.

If you are equipped with a Radial Workhorse, you can take advantage of the Omniport by feeding one Submix into the next to create larger mix formats such as 8x1, 12x1 and so on. Because the Omniport input connects directly to the virtual earth mix-buss (it is not summing into another channel) we eliminate concerns such as distortion or reduced signal to noise and do not give up a channel! (With older API racks, feeding one Submix into another will limit the channel count to 7x1)

As we delved further into the design, we soon realized the Submix could do a lot more than act as a simple 4 x 1 mixer. The following are some of the many applications that are available:

  • Mono keyboard mixer
    When in the heat of a studio session, patching keyboards or drum machines for quick takes is essential. The Submix features 4 easy access front panel ¼" connectors for direct patching. Individual level controls let you quickly mix in the instruments as needed.
  • Stereo keyboard mixer
    Using two Submix modules together lets you pair the modules to create full stereo tracks by panning one module hard-left and the second hard-right. Mount three into a Radial Powerstrip for a compact 12 x 1 setup.
  • Instrument interface
    Need a quick bass patch? Want to plug in a guitar to capture an idea and maybe Reamp later? The Accustate inputs automatically change the sensitivity depending on the level. This makes them suitable for all instruments. Simply adjust the input level and you are set to go!
  • Effects return
    The Submix makes it easy to mix several effects together by simply patching them into the Submix and adjusting the level controls as needed. Use two Submix modules side by side for full stereo.
  • Tape return
    One of the huge benefits of incorporating a 500 series rack into your recording system is recording without latency. Using a pair of Submix modules for left and right tape returns makes the process easy.
  • Auxiliary inputs
    Sometimes, performing simple tasks such as listening to a track from a portable recorder, CD player or computer can be difficult. With a couple of Submix modules, interfacing various stereo sources is easy!
  • Analog summing mixer
    As a 4x1 mixer, it is easy to take 4 channels and sum them together. Adding a second Submix expands the use from mono to stereo. Taking this a step further, by taking the output from the first Submix and plugging it into the Omniport input of the second, you now create an 8 x 1 mixer. Combine four Submix modules and you are now equipped for 8 x 2 analog summing.