Trim-Two™ Development

As Radial offers more direct boxes than any other company, it is always fun when we bring out a new design that has never been done before. The comments we get are always something like: "I never realized I needed one until Radial came up with the design!" The Trim-Two is one of those products. Who would have thought a volume control on a direct box would be useful?

In recent years, there has been a steady shift towards the use of a laptop as sound source for a live performance instead of a CD player, keyboard sound module or DJ system. For instance, a laptop is easily combined with a master keyboard using a USB interface to provide a huge selection of digitally generated sound files plus a suitable data screen that can then be controlled as if a sound module. A DJ system follows the same format.

Where these setups fall short is the required use of a mouse for simple tasks such as adjusting the volume. The Trim-Two is a passive device that at once makes adjusting the volume easy while providing an isolated output to feed a PA system. In other words, the Trim-Two is all about making it easy and quick to get things done. This is particularly important on hectic stages where lights and action can make editing a seriously tedious task. With a Trim-Two, if the volume is not right, you merely reach over adjust the volume and get back to the task at hand.